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Template:Nicholas the Traveler

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Last update: Monday, 09:53 (UTC)

3 Shiverpeak Mane in Deldrimor Bowl

Usage[edit source]

{{Nicholas the Traveler}} 
displays the current item/location for Nicholas the Traveler
{{Nicholas the Traveler| date and time}} 
same as above, but for the given date and time

Notes[edit source]

  • When a new week begins, the template will return a special result to help users enter that week's information.
    • The result will look like this: unknown; click here to add this week's info
    1. Click on "click here" and a small form will pop up.
    2. Enter the name of the item Nick is collecting this week. (The form uses the wiki's auto-complete functionality to help users find the correct spelling of the item name.)
    3. Press "Enter," click "Go," or click on an item in the auto-complete list.
    4. The form will redirect to the edit form for the item's article. The [[../editintro|/editintro]] template will be displayed above the edit box, which gives instructions on how to add Nick's info to the article.
    5. After adding the traveler * parameters to the infobox and saving the page, this template will automatically update with the new info.
  • To add the information manually, you can simply edit the item's page directly and add the following parameters to the ItemInfo template:
 | traveler date = YYYYMMDD
 | traveler date2 = YYYYMMDD
 | traveler date3 = YYYYMMDD
 | traveler date4 = YYYYMMDD
 | traveler location = <area>
 | traveler quantity = #
  • The [[../index|/index]] template assumes a repeating cycle of 137 weeks.
  • MediaWiki can take up to an hour to update the information.

Examples[edit source]

Today: {{Nicholas the Traveler}}
Next week: {{Nicholas the Traveler|+1 week}}
2 May 2010: {{Nicholas the Traveler|2 May 2010 18:00 EST}}
Today: 3 Shiverpeak Mane in Deldrimor Bowl
Next week: 3 Fetid Carapace in Eastern Frontier
2 May 2010: unknown