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Usage[edit source]

Template:Mini and Template:UploadMini display an icon with fitting "alt" text for the named mini if it exists.

Example[edit source]

{{Mini | Bone Dragon }}
{{UploadMini |  Bone Dragon }}

Bone Dragon

{{Mini | Does not exist }}

Does not exist

{{UploadMini |  Does not exist either }}
not exist eitherIcon.png
Click to upload new icon!

Note[edit source]

  • The name of the pet must correspond to the image name, e.g. Bone Dragon and MiniBoneDragonIcon.png.
  • The template is used for the drop rate tally.
  • Template:UploadMini contains an "expensive parser function". It should be replaced with Template:Mini when convenient (e.g., when the set of minis for a given year is completely uploaded).