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User birthday/today



Displays users that have their birthday today according to GuildWiki:User birthdays. Displays nothing if no birthday.

Technical Note

The way this works is that the birthday page first gets trimmed down left and right with the explodes to find everything that is, consecutively

  • before |}
  • after CURRENTDAY
  • before the br tag
  • after the double '

That gets the raw text of today's birthday user, provided they are not separated by br tags (use commas instead) and that no extra italics were used.

The "none" thing works by adding another delimiter; the "none" is in position 2 (and thus gets ignored) if a birthday is found, but in position 1 (display) if there isn't.

Now, since this isn't really raw text, but rather raw text formatted for display, the display codes for the link have to be replaced with a "real" link, and that's what the replace does.

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