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Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next


This template calculates how many days there are from a given date until a Zaishen Bounty challenge will next be offered. The challenge is, by default, the PAGENAME, and the date is today (so if the challenge is offered today, 0 is returned).

The template was written for Zaishen Bounty/Schedule.


* {{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|Rotscale}}  * {{#time: d M|+{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|Rotscale}}day}} * {{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|Rotscale|date=22 Oct 2009 17:00}} ---- * {{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|{{#sub:{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty}}|2|9}}}} * {{#expr:1+{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|{{#sub:{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty}}|2|9}}|date=+1day}}}} * {{#time: d M|+{{#expr:1+{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty/next|{{#sub:{{Zaishen forecast/Bounty}}|2|9}}|date=+1day}}}}day}} 
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.days until Rotscale is next offered
  • Error: Invalid when Rotscale is next offered
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.same, but counting from October 22

  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.0 because Ssuns, Blessed of Dwayna is today's item
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.looking for today's quest, starting tomorrow and adding 1, we find out how many days until it is next offered
  • Error: Invalid when Ssuns, Blessed of Dwayna is up next
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