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This is an attempt to automate and standardize the categories for all kinds of creatures: NPCs, bosses and normal foes alike. It will automatically put the article in the correct categories.

The format is supposed to look like this:

{{BeastCategories | Type = Bosses / NPCs / Foes
                  | Species = Human / Dwarf / ...
                  | Profession = Elementalist / Monk / ... 
                  | Location = Ascalon / Old Ascalon / ... }}

The one thing I don't know how to handle is multiple locations. If any of the template wizards around here knows a workaround, I'd be grateful for help.

What is the general opinion around here about the use of such a template? I know using templates always bears a risk. A risk of over-automation and a risk of scaring away wiki-newbies who are not familiar with templates. I think the format is quite simple and intuitive, so that even wiki-newbies can handle it if they copy it from an other article.

Thinking a bit further, we might even include this template in the Template:BeastInfo. --Tetris L 01:50, 10 March 2006 (CST)