The Charr Patrol

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Hunt down and destroy the Charr Patrol.
  2. Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Ranger Nente in Old Ascalon (next to the statue of Balthazar)


Profession: Ranger
Prophecies Character


  • 250 XP
  • Skills
Ranger Feral Lunge
Ranger Favorable Winds


"Several days ago, a Charr patrol broke through the breach created by Duke Barradin's Vanguard. They have been stalking innocent people behind the Wall. Their depredations must not be allowed to continue. I go now to hunt these fiends; it would be my honor if you would accompany me. What say you?"
Accept: "Let the hunt begin."
Reject: "More pressing tasks await me."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Master Ranger Nente: "The tracks lead off in this direction." (repeated whenever the party fall behind from Master Ranger Nente)

Reward Dialogue

"This particular group of Charr will threaten us no more. However, I fear that more of them might be heading this way; this group has the look of scouts. We need to discover the base camp where they are staging these assaults, and destroy it."


The Charr Staging Area

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Nente will lead you to the south, along several points, until you meet a group of five or so Charr Stalkers. There are quite a few gargoyles in the area, too, who are as hostile to you as they are to the Charr.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Master Ranger Nente has to survive to complete the quest. If you bring him with you and he dies, you will have to repeat the quest.
  • Also rezoning resets the quest completion, requiring you to start again.
  • It is possible to run straight to the Charr Stalkers and defeat them, or aggro the gargoyles located North and West of the group to help you defeat them.
  • If you leave Master Ranger Nente behind (which is a good strategy to help him survive), the green exclaimation mark will not appear above Master Ranger Nente after you defeat the Charr Stalkers; however, the quest reward is still available if you talk to him after leading him to the final quest marker.
Bug.png Bug! It is possible for Ranger Nente's pathing to become hung-up on terrain before he reaches the final quest marker. If this happens, the quest will not update making it impossible to complete. In this case, you must rezone to reset the quest and start again.