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The Jade Quarry (Luxon quest)

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Travel to the Jade Quarry and speak to Erek.

Obtained from

Elder Rhea in Cavalon


Sunjiang District (mission)



"The Kurzicks have established a mining outpost and hope to steal our precious jade. Thankfully, we got wind of their plans and we've sent Erek there to reave the jade before they can steal anymore of it. It's a clever plan, but Erek is only one man, and there is much jade left to mine. If you want to prove yourself a friend to the Luxons, I suggest you travel to the Jade Quarry and aid his efforts there.
Will you travel to the Jade Quarry?"
Accept: "To the Jade Quarry!"
Reject: "I'm no miner."

Reward Dialogue

"Elder Rhea sent you? Good. Your assistance is very welcome, my friend."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Rather than going where the compass takes you, travel south-east and then south-west across the large island. Go where the compass takes you after crossing a bridge onto the smaller island. Kill anything that stands in your way. Note that zoning into The Jade Quarry will split up the party.