The Missing Artisan

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Follow the road through Traveler's Vale to Ascalon Foothills.
  2. Talk to Artisan Rudger.

Obtained from

Tabor Woolridge in Yak's Bend


Prophecies Character


500 XP


"Oh, bother! The new set of Mesmer attire that I want crafted requires leather, and I don't have any. On the way here, I gave all the hide stripes I had to Artisan Rudger that he might produce some leather for me. Now he's nowhere to be found. I'll keep searching the camp, but perhaps you can look for him back in the Ascalon foothills. He might need a reminder of his obligations!"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When entering the Ascalon Foothills, keep hugging the left wall, and you'll be led to the Artisan Rudger's location. It's not far, but there are powerful groups of Hydras, Boulder Elementals, and Stone Furies on the way. If you're unlucky, two of these groups will be spawn right next to each other and you will be in for a tough fight. Depending on the strength of your party, it may be wise to avoid the direct route and instead take the longer way looping through the valley bellow (to the right and downhill, then left again past some ruins and uphill again). This way has a greater number of foes overall, but they are spread out more. Sometimes multiple groups are completely blocking the entrance to the Foothills in which case you can rezone and hopefully the new spawn locations will be better.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This quest can be done in one run with Oswalt's Epitaph, whose grave is only a little further down the road.