The Nameless Masters

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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest "The Nameless Masters". For information about the NPC type "Nameless Master", see Nameless Master.

Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Speak with 3...0 more masters on the training grounds of the Isle of the Nameless.
  2. Return to the Guide on the Isle of the Nameless.

Obtained from

The Guide on the Isle of the Nameless



Preliminary Dialogue

The Guide: "Welcome back to the Isle of the Nameless, young <primary profession>."


"You are eager for knowledge, I see. Good! That is good, indeed. There are many things you can learn by keeping your eyes and ears open, but the quickest students actively seek answers. Behind me, you can see our training grounds. To get there, take the flight of stairs down, then take the flight of stairs you will find to your immediate left. There are many masters in the training ground, and you must speak with at least 3 of them. Return to me with the knowledge you find.
If you accept this quest, It will appear in your Quest Log, Press L to view your Quest Log. Double clicking the name of a quest will re-highlight your next goal on the mini-map."
Accept: "Sounds easy. I'm ready."
Reject: "I don't need you, or your masters."

Reward Dialogue

"Ah yes, this is very true, young one.
I think you are ready for a greater challenge. If you feel you are ready, you may wander the shores outside our humble keep and fight the masters you find there.
Otherwise, the next step in your training is to see the Master of Paths and learn about the many different types of combat. We will talk more of this shortly."


The Team Trials

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest is meant to introduce newly created PvP characters (who spawn right next to The Guide) to the game, but is also available to PvE characters as well.

It is extremely simple: Just talk to 3 of the (allied) Nameless Masters. The quest marker will lead you to the Master of Combat, followed by Master of Magic and then Master of Conditions. However, you can speak any of the friendly Masters in any order. Once you have spoken to three (or more), return to The Guide to get the next quest.