The Oddbodies (quest)

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Escort the Oddbodies to the Gate of Torment.
  2. See Commander Thurnis for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Yithlis in Nightfallen Jahai.


The Missing Patrol



"They call us The Oddbodies. Go ahead, laugh. The keepers chuckle when they see us muster. They see us as a group of rejects, but I would pit my squad against anything the Realm of Torment can throw at us! I'm proud to command these misfits. That said, we find ourselves in a difficult position. We have not rested in days, but we have important information for Commander Thurnis."
"Escort us to the Gate of Torment, otherwise we might not make it in one piece."
Accept: ...
Reject: ...

Reward Dialog

"The Captain gave me a very interesting report. He claims Abaddon's forces are summoning a new demonic ally... a powerful being known as the Unseen. It is a terrible creature, the likes of which we have never seen before. It is clear to me, however, that he has no proof and is simply compensating for his past... indescretions... by fabricating a dire plot. In any case, you have my thanks for returning him... and his squad."

Follow Up:

Into the Fire

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You take this quest after The Missing Patrol and even though the distance is short back to the Gate of Torment, you will have to fight several groups. As soon as you start heading back, as you pass certain areas, groups of Torment Demons will spawn and head towards you.

There are three points that trigger six groups (i.e. two groups per spawn point). At each point, you will see a group spawn behind you and one to the side (or ahead) of you. Always rush the group behind you before they get to you, as the two groups will start heading towards each other, and fighting both will make the fight harder than it has to be. The back group will usually consist of casters (Heralds of Nightmares, Rains of Terror and Words of Madness), while the front group will usually have lots of Scythes of Chaos.

Another trick that works if you started from Gate of Torment is to suicide your party (not the Oddbodies). This will spawn you at the first resurrection shrine by Gate of Torment. The Oddbodies will rush over to get to you and given the healing they already have, will easily make it to you with only one or two casualties.

If the Oddbodies don't run to you when you suicide and return to the first shrine you can start to head back to them, triggering the groups. If you avoid aggroing the groups that spawn, once you get back to the Oddbodies you can safely maneuver around the groups back to the Gate of Torment.