The Rogue's Replacement

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Search for a source of devourer eggs in Lakeside County. Collect one devourer egg.
  2. Return to Old Mac for your reward.

Obtained from

Old Mac in Lakeside County


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
A Mesmer's Burden


Energy +3
Chaos damage: 3-5
Damage +10% (vs. Hexed foes)
Health +5 (while Hexed)

Preliminary Dialogue

Old Mac: "See here miss! I understand you're responsible for what's happened to my poor Bill!"
Lady Althea: "You must be mistaken. I know no Bill."
Old Mac: "Bill the Bull, lady. You had him killed, and I demand recompense!"
Lady Althea: "I think not, sir. Your "poor Bill" was loose and attacking citizens in [sic] the Ashford road. He was put down, and rightly so. Perhaps you'll keep a closer eye on your livestock in the future."
Old Mac: "You've not heard the last of this! I'll get what's coming to me, or I'll see your precious theatre shut down, I will!"


"You! You're the one who killed my bull, Bill! 'Twas at Althea's bidding, sure, but that's naught to me. If you and that Althea woman won't compensate me, I'll take my case to the constabulary, and I'll get satisfaction. That bull protected my farm for all these years. Who will protect it now? Hmm... You know what might do the trick? A devourer might, if I could raise it from a hatchling and train it myself. Tell you what: you bring me a Devourer Egg, and we'll call it even. What do you say?"
Accept: "You've got a deal."
Reject: "Your threats don't scare me."

Reward Dialogue

"Ah, that's lovely! A devourer all my own. I think I'll call him Joe. Come Joe, let's get you someplace warm and dry. Shhh... There's a good egg."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Rogue Bull was killed in "A Mesmer's Burden" quest. Until the "Rogue's Replacement" is completed, every time Lakeside County is entered, Old Mac will spawn outside the entrance to Ascalon City and move to talk to Lady Althea and demand compensation. To see their slightly amusing conversation, enter Lakeside County from Ascalon City and follow Old Mac up the hill. This quest is only available from Old Mac after this conversation takes place.

Old Mac will ask for a devourer egg so he can raise a devourer as a replacement pet. Get a Devourer Egg from Fadden Hathorn by completing The Egg Hunter quest and give it to Old Mac. Devourer Eggs are also available from Collector Brownlow right in front of the gate of Ascalon City or from Collector Rownan in Regent Valley.

Notes[edit | edit source]