The Turtle

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The Turtle is one of three Luxon clans.

The people of the Turtle clan consist of the most powerful warriors and spellcasters. They are also the clan to breed the massive turtles that are used for both Mobile Housing and War platforms. Their leader is Juno and her daughter is Xandra, Rumor has it Juno took the position from her father by arranging an "Accident". Many in the Turtle Clan still refer to him as the true leader.

The story tells, that in her younger days she and her father had a great falling out while attending the Convocation. Few remember what they argued about but the events of the next day will be whispered about for ages. All that is known is that a hunting party of some score including Juno, her father - Kivros, and her young friend Argo, ventured out into the Jade Sea with only Juno and Argo returning. The two of them never spoke of what happened and few dare to ask.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Captain Juno: Leader

Argo: Champion

Seaguard Hala: Sea Guard

Xandra: Juno's daughter and a Guild Wars Eye of the North Hero

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • also called "Tortoise Clan"