Togo's Ultimatum

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Deliver Master Togo's ultimatum to Captain Quimang.
  2. See The Emperor's Blade for your reward.

Obtained from

The Emperor's Blade in Tsumei Village


Minister Cho's Estate (Mission).



"At the emperor's command, I am here to handle the Crimson Skull problem and remove Captain Quimang from power. Master Togo wishes his former student to have once last chance to leave the island in peace, and the emperor has decided to honor Togo's request. Deliver Togo's Ultimatum to Captain Quimang...and if the pirate refuses, I will take action."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Captain Quimang)

"What is this?, that old fool wants me to "leave peacefully," does he? I think not. The Crimson Skull is here to stay, take that back to your Master Togo. And while you are at it, tell the people of Tsumei Village they have two choices: surrender to me and die quickly, or fight me and die in agony."

Reward Dialogue

"I expected as much...Captain Quimang has signed his own death warrant. The emperor thanks you for your efforts."


The Siege at Tsumei Village

Notes[edit | edit source]

It is much easier to approach Port Kaimu from the north (rather from the east). If you keep to the side, you will at most face low level Kappa and a few Crimson Skull Raiders