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Topaz Crest/Farming

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2009-10-05: Topaz Crests[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Diviner's Ascent, just outside Elona Reach near the right Teleporter.

Farming for Topaz Crests[edit | edit source]

Hydra patrol route in Diviner's Ascent and location of Nicholas.
  • Suggested Farm #1: exit the Elona Reach and farm anywhere in the Diviner's Ascent. Most L20 characters should be able to solo this using any build with a few heals.

Threats & Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Tactics: Sand Drakes should do relatively low damage to a L20 character with max armor so most tactics will work well, a good tactics is to go solo on them because they will not use the skill Earthquake when you are alone.They are also weak against elemental damage like Fire,Water and Air so consider bringing those if you can.
  • Threats: The Sand Drakes use Ward Against Melee so be sure to bring an interrupt skill if you rely on melee damage or the killing may be a bit slower,other than that the drakes are not much of a threat,but while not being strong by themselves,you can meet other hidden foes in this area like Scarabs,Rockshot Devourers, Sand Wurms and even 3 Hydras.Rockshot Devourers use traps and ranged attacks but if you do not trigger the traps they can be killed quite easily,just don't forget they use the Distracting Shot.Scarabs are necromancers or warriors that can take down most builds easily with their enchantment removal skills and high armor-ignoring damage from touch skills,if you're not prepared for them you should avoid them at all costs and run away when they attack you.The Hydras are Elementalists with powerful Fire Magic skills and can do a lot of damage quickly,luckily there are only 3 so if you look on their route on the map you should be able to avoid them easily during the farm.
  • Recommended Skills: Although the Drakes do low damage already,you can bring a blinding skill to lower their damage even more if you have problems killing them.The Drakes have no interrupts,no hexes and inflict no conditions so 1 healing skill should be enough to kill them.You can also bring along a running skill to run away from unwanted foes like Scarabs more effectively.

Solo Farming[edit | edit source]

  • This is a great week to try out solo farming for the first time or practice using a new build. As mentioned above, most L20 characters should be able to safely farm them.