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  1. Seek out Ang the Ephemeral in Panjiang Peninsula

Obtained From

Professor Gai in Kinya Province



"It gives me considerable pleasure to send you on to your next instructor. His name is Ang the Ephemeral, and he is a cherished friend to many of us at the monastery. Believe me when I say that Ang is not what you are expecting, but if you hope to be a great Ritualist, you will heed him well. He awaits you in Panjiang Peninsula."

Reward Dialogue

"I imagine Gai was cryptic, as usual, in his description of me. Did I frighten you? You do not look easily frightened. Well then, let us get started."


Shackled Spirits


This quest will take you a fair distance through what is likely new territory for your character. You will find side quests, as well as some monsters that will be higher level than you will likely be at this time. Watch mobs of level 1 and 2 creatures for hidden level 6 creatures. In addition, as you approach the bridge to where Ang the Ephemeral awaits there is a hidden Lesser Oni on the right (you will trigger the Oni if you come from the right, but can avoid it if you travel around a small hill to the left). The Oni can wipe out a low-level soloing character quite easily.