Track Down Su

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Track down Su in Panjiang Peninsula.

Obtained From

Reng Ku in Sunqua Vale


Little Creatures



"I have taught you all I can be bothered to. I am sure you will make a fine Necromancer...or, more likely, you will die trying."
"My sister is waiting for you in Panjiang Peninsula. Her name is Su. She will be absolutely thrilled to continue your studies, I just know it. Find her and tell her that we have completed initial lessons."
Accept: "I'll look for Su in Panjiang Peninsula."
Reject: "I think I'd like to go hunting for a bit, first."
When asked about quest: "My sister is in Panjiang Peninsula. I wouldn't make her wait if I were you...."

Reward Dialogue

"I suppose my brother sent you. Oh, joy. Just what I need: another novice to waste my time. Well, perhaps I can find a use for you if I put my mind to it."


Reaping the Naga

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After receiving this quest from Reng Ku, Map travel to Tsumei Village, form a party, and exit through the portal to Panjiang Peninsula (west side). From there, follow the green arrow on your compass to Raiyan Cave. If necessary, the mobs in this area are easy to avoid by waiting until they move away from your path.