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Tracking the Corruption

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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Tracking the Corruption (Hard mode).

Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Find information regarding the chalice. Good responses: 0...3 of 3.
  2. Find information regarding the chalice. Bad responses: 0...3 of 3.
  3. Defeat the Am Fah.
  4. See Xan Hei for your reward.

Obtained from

Xan Hei in Xaquang Skyway


Intercepting the Am Fah



The Am Fah are little better than carbuncles, unsightly blemishes festering on the glorious face of Kaineng. They lurk in places decent people fear to go, and time has emboldened them. The Dragon Empire does little to stop them, and the Am Fah brazenly walk the streets as a result. As much as I am loath to say it, that may work in our favor. When an organization becomes so large and so recognizable, it often becomes difficult to keep secrets. Secrets are a valuable commodity to some; the can be bought and sold if you know where to look.
We should travel to The Marketplace. Its name carries more connotations than the obvious. We should be able to learn something there, if we speak to the right people. But remember to play this smart. If you go in there and demand answers, people will suspect you. If you accept, then speak to me again when you are ready to go. I will take us there.
Accept: "Espionage" is practically my middle name.
Reject: I am surprisingly anti-social.
When asked about quest: Make certain that you are ready. We must head to the Marketplace.

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (If you obtained the information)

Fah Yu the Shadow's Eye: It appears that you might be a little too clever for your own good. Savor the knowledge that you've gained while you can, because it's going to die here with you.
Xan Hei: Looks like this was their idea of a trap. They've got the Marketplace covered.
<player character>: Let me tell you something: never put me in a trap. Worse foes than you have tried. Now think about that; how did things end up for them?


Intermediate Dialogue 1 (If you offended people)

Fah Yu the Shadow's Eye: "Perhaps we overestimated the threat you might be to us. If you've learend anything, it was only dumb luck. But you will still die for the information you have gained."
Xan Hei: "I have to admit. I was expecting a bit more...subtlety."
<party character>: "Does it matter? We got what we needed! Let's just take care of this."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (after you defeat the Am Fah)

Xan Hei: Now that the trash has been dealt with, what have you learned?
<player character>: We're looking for someone named Jeijou, Shadow Whispered. There's something going on in Nahpui Quarter that has drawn the attention of a large number of Am Fah, and it's likely that the two are related.
Xan Hei: Then we know where we must head next. Whoever this Jeijou is, he's important enough to the Am Fah that they can no longer afford to act discreetly. He must have some connection to the Chalice of Corruption. Let's go find out

Reward Dialogue

This was a worthwhile endeavor. We have learned the name of the one we are after and where they will be. As a bonus, we removed a little filth from the streets. All that's left is to remove the threat, so that it never rears its head again. Come and speak with me once more when you are ready.


Architect of Corruption
Tracking the Corruption (Hard mode)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After talking to Xan Hei, you will be transported to a modified version of the Marketplace (Winds of Change). There you will have to question several people, to obtain the information you need, or to brawn yourself out of a sticky situation. There are five NPCs who can provide you with information. These are the only ones you can smooth talk, or bully:

Good responses:
Chi - "I know exactly what a lady like you is interested in. (Pay 50 gold.)"
Chou Chu - "You know *they* are working with the Am Fah. Plotting against you. If you tell me what you know, the voices will stop."
Kun Yao - "I'm good for it, if you've got what I want." and then "There's no risk to you; the Am Fah will have to deal with me, and that will be the end of them."
Nails - "I'm after something very specific. Maybe you can help me find it." and then "So you'll help me then?"
Pan - "Wait. Did you just say bread? I was actually hoping to purchase information about the Am Fah..."
Bad responses:
Chi - "Those Am Fah must not know true beauty when they see it! I'm nothing like them..."
Chou Chu - "Tell me what you know or I will drown you in whatever invisible slime you are standing in!"
Kun Yao' - "Tell me what you know of the Am Fah or I'll throw, far!" or "I'm good for it, if you've got what I want." and then "I can offer you a punch in the face. It's obviously what you need!"
Nails - "The Am Fah. Tell me what you know about them now, or by the time I'm done with you, you'll look like a dredge. Only more so." or "I'm after something very specific. Maybe you can help me find it." and then "Yeah, I think you could stand to have some smarts beaten into you."
Pan - "I want to know about the Am Fah. And I want to hurt you. I can only have one of these things. Which will it be?"
Talking to Ja Wen, Vai Di, Sho Ri or Jeiff will not provide you with any information. They are there simply to flesh out the quest.

After obtaining either the information, or pissing off enough people, Fah Yu the Shadow's Eye and a large group of Am Fah will spawn. They can be challenging to a unprepared party, so take care. After you kill them, there is a dialogue, and you can return to Xan Hei to claim your reward.