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Unclaimed Items

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The Unclaimed Items window appears after successful completion of a mission or dungeon. Because you are forced to return to a different area immediately after you complete a mission, the Unclaimed Items window will allow you to "pick up" drops that came near the end of the mission. The window contains all of the items that were still assigned to you when you left the area. These items can be dragged to your inventory individually, or the "Accept All" button will move all the items you have room for to your pack.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Unclaimed Items window can only hold twelve items. If more than twelve items were still assigned to you, the oldest ones will be given.
  • In a dungeon, the Unclaimed Items window only contains items dropped on the last level.
  • The Unclaimed Items window does not appear if your party wipes.
  • The Unclaimed Items window will usually appear the next several times you are in an outpost if you do not claim all of the items.
  • Only inventory items will appear in this window. Any gold coin drops left on the ground at the end of a mission/dungeon will be lost.
  • The Unclaimed Items window will appear next time you log in with the character even if you lose connection and are not able to reconnect during the ending cinematic of a mission, after having completed the mission successfully.