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Unique items quick reference (Factions)/Shing Jea Island

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Shing Jea Island[edit | edit source]

Profession Weapon Base Stats Mod 1 Mod 2 Prefix Upgrade Suffix Upgrade Req Attribute Drops From Area
Warrior-icon.png Warrior Cho Wei's Axe Slashing damage 6-15 Damage +10% HP>50%   Furious 10% Axe Mastery +1 (20%) 5 Axe Mastery Cho Wei the Skull Axe,
Captain Quimang (during quest)
Panjiang Peninsula
Hanjuu's Bludgeoner Blunt damage 13-19 Damage +10% HP>50%   Furious 10% HP +20 6 Hammer Mastery Hanjuu Towerfist Jaya Bluffs
Ranger-icon.png Ranger Ahvha's Longbow Piercing damage 11-17,
Longbow characteristics
Damage +10% HP>50%   Sundering 10/10 Marksmanship +1 (20%) 6 Marksmanship Ahvha Sankii Jaya Bluffs
Jin's Hornbow Piercing damage 10-16,
Horn Bow characteristics
Damage +10%,
Armor -10 (while attacking)
  Barbed HP +15 5 Marksmanship Jin the Skull Bow Sunqua Vale
Monk-icon.png Monk Feng's Focus Energy +7 HSR all spells (10%) HP +10     4 Divine Favor Feng the Skull Symbol Panjiang Peninsula
Ziinjuu's Sanctuary Energy +5,
Light damage 7-10
HCT Smiting Prayers (10%) HSR Spells (20%) HP +10 Smiting Prayers +1 (20%) 5 Smiting Prayers Ziinjuu Life Crawler Sunqua Vale
Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer Yingko's Claw Dark damage 7-11 HSR Curses (15%) Energy +10,
Energy regeneration -1
    5 Curses Yingko the Skull Claw Sunqua Vale
The Deathkeeper Dark damage 7-10 HCT all spells (10%) Energy +3
While Health is above 50%
    5 Death Magic Yunlai Deathkeeper Sunqua Vale
Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer Baozo's Wand Chaos damage 8-13 HCT all spells (10%) Energy +3 HP>50%     6 Domination Magic Baozo Evilbranch Haiju Lagoon
Sulmeng's Staff Energy +5,
Chaos damage 7-11
HCT Illusion Magic (10%) HSR Illusion Magic (10%) Energy +3 Armor +5 vs physical 5 Illusion Magic Sulmeng the Skull Staff Kinya Province
Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist Auri's Wand Lightning damage 7-11 HCT Air Magic (10%) HSR Air Magic (10%)     5 Air Magic Auri the Skull Wand Kinya Province
Sanhan's Staff Energy +5,
Earth damage 8-13
HCT Earth Magic (10%) HSR Earth Magic (10%) Health +15 Earth Magic +1 (20%) 6 Earth Magic Sanhan Tall Earth Jaya Bluffs
Assassin-icon.png Assassin Pei's Blades Piercing damage 5-10 Damage +15% vs hexed foes   Barbed Dagger Mastery +1 (20%) 5 Dagger Mastery Pei the Skull Blade Panjiang Peninsula
Tahkayun's Pincers Piercing damage 5-10 Damage +10% HP>50%   Sundering 10/10 Dagger Mastery +1 (20%) 5 Dagger Mastery Tahkayun Tsi Kinya Province
Ritualist-icon.png Ritualist Miki's Staff Energy +5,
Lightning damage 8-13
HCT all spells (5%) HSR all spells (10%) Armor +5 HP +10 5 Channeling Magic Miki the Skull Spirit Haiju Lagoon
Tin Dao's Staff Energy +5,
Lightning damage 8-13
HCT Channeling Magic (10%) HSR Channeling Magic (10%) Energy +3 HP +15 6 Channeling Magic Tin Dao Kaineng Haiju Lagoon