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Unlit Torch

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Unlit Torch
Unlit Torch.jpg

Unlit Torches are used to activate unlit Flame Braziers in some GW:EN Dungeons. Many times you find these in Item Chests.

To light an Unlit Torch you hold the item and click on a lit Flame Brazier; you then receive the following buff:

Lit-Torch-Buff-Icon.jpgSkill. This torch's flame expires after 30 seconds. Bring the torch to a burning brazier to rekindle it.

While this buff is active, you can light any unlit braziers you encounter by clicking on them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Note that the Unlit Torches are "Bundles" (i.e. objects that do not go into the inventory, but have to be held by hands).