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Account[edit | edit source]

My account was created towards the end of March 2006, right after the Factions Preview Event, in which I got an invitation from a Yoshi.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Rather poor progression on account-based title tracks:

Special Events[edit | edit source]

Notable special events I participated in. Others not "sectioned" below include the Factions Preview, Halloween 2006, Elite Weekend, Nightfall PvP Preview, and the Nightfall World Preview.

Dragon Festival 2006[edit | edit source]

The first in-game event I participated in. A rather interesting period and fun games. I really like Dragon Nest but it's hard to find people playing it towards the middle and the end. Guess everyone was too busy with Nine Rings and the Rings of Fortune for the new Lucky and Unlucky title tracks. I gave up on them because I don't have even close to the amount of gold all those afk-ers have. Dragon Arena was really fun, even though I still couldn't master the art of dodging properly (due to the usual average 2-3 seconds ping?).

Not very impressive scores, but hey, still better than some:

  • Dragon Nest
    • Personal best: 59
  • Dragon Arena
    • Best team win: 20 to 3
    • Most consecutive wins: 8
    • Most consecutive 20 to 19 wins: 3
    • Kill streak: 4
    • Most killed: 7

Wintersday 2006[edit | edit source]

First-ever Wintersday for me. It was all right I guess, considering my connection was (as with most of my alliance) affected by the Taiwan earthquake. I didn't really get to do much, aside from completing most of the PvE quests and even managing to participate in one snowball fight before the disaster. Rather horrible of me to think of how disastrous it was to me instead of those physically affected... oh well. I didn't even get the masks (I was sick then; but a guildie told me he couldn't even login for the finale).

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Gods of Tyria[edit | edit source]

Warning: The following contains spoilers on the Gods of the world of Guild Wars.

A look at the Gods of Tyria as Wikipedia:List of deities of Dungeons & Dragonsdeities of D&D. I used to have this part as a lore subpage but I kinda flagged it for deletion on a whim. There was a brief discussion on it here. Fortunately, I found that Antonio had an old version of it, and was able to add it back.

The Five True Gods[edit | edit source]

The five major gods of the world of Tyria.

Balthazar (Lord of Battles, God of War, Master of Fire), Greater God, Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: war, fire, battle, courage, strength, loyalty, glory
Domains: Courage, Fire, Glory, Law, Strength, War
Followers: warriors, monks, fire elementalists, paragons, the zaishen

Dwayna (The Merciful Lady, The Goddess of Life, Lady of the Air, The Protector), Greater God, Neutral Good

Portfolio: life, the living, air, sky, mercy, peace, harmony, protection
Domains: Air, Community, Creation, Good, Healing, Protection
Followers: monks, air elementalists, wind dervishes

Grenth (God of Death, Lord of the Underworld, The Lord of the Dead), Greater God, Neutral Evil

Portfolio: death, the dead, cold, frost, necromancy, undeath, spirits, truth, afterlife
Domains: Cold, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Repose, Undeath
Followers: necromancers, ritualists, water elementalists, the eternals

Lyssa (Goddess of Beauty, The Ladies of Illusion, The Twin Goddess, The Artist), Greater God, Chaotic Good

Portfolio: beauty, illusion, deception, art, invention, charm
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Craft, Creation, Good, Illusion, Mind, Trickery
Followers: mesmers, assasins

Melandru (Our Lady of the Earth, Goddess of Nature), Greater God, Neutral

Portfolio: nature, earth, forests, animals, plants
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Moon, Plant, Sun, Travel
Followers: rangers, earth elementalists, earth dervishes, druids

The Once Mighty[edit | edit source]

Gods that were once powerful but has since been deposed or defeated.

Abaddon (Lord of the Everlasting Depths, Dark God of Secrets, Keeper of Secrets, God of Water), Greater God, Lawful Evil

Portfolio: secrets, knowledge, water, seas, oceans
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Madness, Ocean
Followers: margonites, demons, nightfall cultists

Dhuum (God of Death and the Dead, Master of the Underworld, the Tyrant), Greater God, Lawful Evil

Portfolio: death, the dead, necromancy, undeath, spirits, afterlife, tyranny
Domains: Death, Evil, Law, Suffering, Tyranny, Undeath
Followers: necromancers, evil ritualists

Menzies (Lord of Destruction, the Dark God), Lesser God, Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: destruction, darkness, shadows, anger
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Wrath
Followers: warriors, evil mesmers, the shadow army

After Nightfall[edit | edit source]

Kormir has absorbed the divine essence of Abaddon at the end of the Nightfall Campaign. Only knowledge and truth was mentioned, but in light of the Forgotten Realms mechanics, the whole portfolio of Abaddon should have been absorbed and Abaddon reduced to a demipower. There is a conflict with Grenth's portfolio by saying she's the Goddess of Truth though, as Grenth was mentioned to have the portfolio that counters Lyssa's deception and illusion. Maybe the truth can be explained as the exposure of secrets.

Kormir (Goddess of Knowledge and Truth, the All-Knowing, Lady of the Light, Goddess of Water), Greater God, Neutral Good

Portfolio: secrets, knowledge, water, seas, oceans
Domains: Community, Darkness, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Water
Followers: sunspears

Dwarven Divinity[edit | edit source]

Not much information with which to flesh out the Dwarven gods.

Great Dwarf (The Great Dwarf, God of Dwarves, the Divine Smith), Greater God, Lawful Good

Portfolio: dwarves, smithing, crafting, mining, monotheism
Domains: Craft, Creation, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Metal
Followers: the Deldrimor dwarves

Great Destroyer (The Great Destroyer, Bane of the Living), Lesser God, Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: death, destruction, hatred, murder, xenophobia
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Dwarf, Evil, Hatred
Followers: the Stone Summit dwarves

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Profession Colors[edit | edit source]

Transcribed here for my convenient reference. These are obviously just personal opinions. It shows the background color, border color, and the observed themes on skill icons.

gold and yellow with orange and brown
green and yellow with brown
blue and purple with white and black
green and bluish green with black and white
violet and magenta with blue and black
red and element colors with black
purple and violet with red and black
cyan and blue with grey and black
yellow and black with orange and red
brown and grey with blue

For the sake of uniformity and standardization, the wiki has come up with a standard set of colors for the professions. I still prefer mine though :P


And this is for those without a profession:


And we finally have profession color templates. See them in Category:Templates/Formatting.