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Storyline Characters[edit | edit source]

Necromancer-icon.png Kythreenar Rythuala[edit | edit source]


"Death is all there is to life."

Level 20 Ascended Tyrian
Sorrow's Furnace
The Underworld
Mallyx the Unyielding

Mesmer-icon.png Silk Harpsong[edit | edit source]


"The road you travel is as dull as
you make it."

Level 20 Tyrian
Dunes of Despair
Welcome to Cantha
Venta Cemetery

Ritualist-icon.png Akri Tasema[edit | edit source]


"I see dead people... oh, right, I summoned them."

Level 20 Weh no Su Canthan
D'Alessio Seaboard
Sunjiang District
Consulate Docks

Elementalist-icon.png Wu Yung[edit | edit source]


"Can you ever have too much wealth?"

Level 20 Canthan
Report to the White Mantle
Nahpui Quarter
Sunspears in Cantha

Dervish-icon.png Anan Iwamu[edit | edit source]


"The Gods be willing."

Level 9 Elonian
Jokanur Diggings

Kaya-icon-0404-sm.png Aspirations

Ranger-icon.png Galen Blackwood[edit | edit source]


"Listen to your heart, but be wary of that dark corner."

Level 20 Ascended Elonian
Horde of Darkness

Assassin-icon.png Angel Netherborn[edit | edit source]


"Will this be the last?"

Level 18 Canthan
A Master's Burden

Paragon-icon.png Mira Sruya[edit | edit source]


"There is a potential for Good in everything."

Level 20 Hunted Elonian
Kodonur Crossroads