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Red links are ugly.
{{User Kurzick}}{{User Am}}{{User PvE}}{{User fav gw}}{{User Campaign Prophecies}}{{User Campaign Factions}}{{User Campaign Nightfall}}{{User Campaign GWII}}{{userbox|green|white|[[Image:AdVictoriam1.PNG|44px]]|This user loves [[Barrage|Barraging]] his own way}}{{userbox|green|white|HFFF|This user can't talk; he's gotta do more HFFF}}{{userbox|green|white|<18|This user is <18 years old.}}{{userbox|green|white|Box!|This user lykes userboxes}}
I'm more active on PvXwiki. [[PvX:User:Generic Wiki-er|Find me here]].
{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Warwick of Troy.jpg|75pxx50px]]|This user is playing the [[User:Warwick/Mafia|fourth]] version of mafia. '''Why aren't you?'''}}{{clear}}
I'm afraid I can't upload a screenshot of this. But try this, please. Go to the Google translator and click translate once. Then, on the second screen, type in "paintbrush", detect language, and pick any language from the second column. Funny XD

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Red links are ugly.