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My name (obviously) is Adam Skinner. Right now I play 2 characters, an Mo/Me named Doulos Theos and a W/E named "Marker the Machine".

I've been playing games my whole life. My first and only gaming console was an Intellivision. Then I started computer gaming when we got a C64. I've played lots of games across many different genres. For the past 2 years I've played primarily BF1942. Along RPG lines, I started mudding back in 1993, was playing on the first day of Everquest's release, and beta tested DAoC (I'm in the credits!).

One of the aspects of GW that I enjoy is the lack of "chains". You're not bound to your group. There are no "CR runs". While the lack of severe penalties in the game for death breeds a lack of competence in newcomers, I find that it's easier to just "have fun" in GW than a typical, classic MMORPG.