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Aderra Crownguard.jpg
Aethia Crownguard.jpg

Not much to say really. My favorite character is Aderra Crownguard (further image to the left). She's Tyrian and started out as an E/N. However I switched to E/Mo after ascending. The plus to that is when I gained Olias as a hero I already had several necromancer skills. I normally play her as Renewal Nuker (and have Zhed using a Searing Flame build). My second favorite character is Aethia Crownguard (closer image to the left). She started out as a Rt/Me but I switched her to Rt/Mo as well (anyyone detect a pattern? :-). I usually play her as a Ritual Lord. I also have a P/W that's around 15th level that I have not done much with.

I mostly PvE but occasionally flag run in GvG plus occasionally do AB's and Fort Aspenwood. I wish ANet would add more runner type PvP gaming.

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