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<imagemap> Image:Warrior-icon.png|alt=Warrior default Warrior desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Ranger-icon.png|alt=Ranger default Ranger desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Monk-icon.png|alt=Monk default Monk desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Necromancer-icon.png|alt=Necromancer default Necromancer desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Mesmer-icon.png|alt=Mesmer default Mesmer desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Elementalist-icon.png|alt=Elementalist default Elementalist desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Assassin-icon.png|alt=Assassin default Assassin desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Ritualist-icon.png|alt=Ritualist default Ritualist desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Paragon-icon.png|alt=Paragon default Paragon desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Dervish-icon.png|alt=Dervish default Dervish desc none </imagemap>

Supplement: Definitions and terminology (not consistent at all right now)
(Probably best to just ignore the terminology entirely for the time being, I'm not following it very well (rough drafts are rough).)