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User:BigBlue/Developer Commands

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Commands which developers and GMs can use on the live servers include:


  • /.gm Enables access to GM commands.
  • /.dev Enables access to developer commands.
  • /% [text] Displays [text] in purple "Dev chat." Developers commonly use this to indicate they are in a district and to make it easier to find their messages.
  • /.fireworks Used to summon fireworks in towns, outposts and guild halls.
  • /.s [number] Travels to a map by its id (known to work are '486' and 'so', which correspondent to Nightfall outposts, e.g. The Astralarium).
  • /.unspawn Makes all foes on the map disappear


  • /.map Displays the id number of the current map.
  • /^ Unknown.
  • /.ip Unknown, supposedly connects to a specific game server's IP address
  • /.mute Unknown, perhaps disables a specific player's chat abilities.
  • /.unmute See above.
  • /.mark Mark (suspend) a player's account.
  • /.die Unknown.
  • /.event Unknown.
  • /.w Unknown.
  • /.m Unknown.
  • /.time Unknown. Likely sets the in-game server time.
  • /.monitor Unknown.
  • /.partysize Unknown. Maybe sets an outpost's maximum party size.
  • /.guildhall Unknown.
  • /.dp Unknown.

Even if you don't have access to developer commands, you can easily test to see whether a command is available to developers on the live servers. Just try typing the command. If the game responds, "command not available", then that means that the game knows how to process the command but it is restricting you from access it. Conversely, if the game gives no response at all, then that means that the code to handle that command has not been compiled into the live server software. In other words, if you try typing a developer command on the live servers and it gives no response, then you know that even developers can't use that command on the live servers.

Because members of the player community have periodically been invited to help test upcoming versions of the game on staging servers, the community has documented certain developer commands which are present on the staging servers but not present on the live servers. These include:

  • /.allheroes Unlocks all Heroes for use
  • /.allskills Unlocks all Skills for use
  • /.allitems Unlocks all Items for use
  • /.allmissions Unlocks all Locations for use
  • /.exp [number] Gives your character [number] Experience Points, up to 50000 at once
  • /.faction [0 for Kurzick, 1 for Luxon] 10000 Gives you 10000 Kurzick or Luxon faction.
  • /.fame [number] Unknown. This most likely allows developers to set their fame to test rank emotes and titles.
  • /.gold 100000 100 Platinum
  • /.item [string] Unknown. Probably creates an item with the resref "string".
  • /.loot [item] Gives you an item (i.e. /.loot sigil for one Celestial Sigil )
  • /.p Displays your location in the map with X,Y,Z coordinates
  • /.rp 10000 (or maximum) Balthazar Faction
  • /.run [number 1-9] Alters Running Speed
  • /.teleport Unknown. Perhaps teleports character to specified coordinates.
  • /.t a MYSTERY.
  • /.heal Unknown.
  • /.damage Unknown. Perhaps damages target for a specified amount.
  • /.ressurect Unknown. Ressurects target?
  • /.spawn Unknown. Maybe spawns a specified NPC.
  • /.crash Unknown. Likely forces the game to crash for debug purposes.
  • /.ascend Unknown. Probably grants the character "ascended" or "Weh no Su" status.
  • /.playtime Probably lists the account's current playing time.
  • /.unlock Unknown. Probably unlocks a skill, item, or hero.
  • /.chest Unknown. Probably forces a locked chest to open.
  • /.win Unknown. Perhaps automatically win a PvP match.
  • /.lockup Unknown. Maybe forces the game to lock up (crash) for debug purposes.
  • /.disconnect Unknown.
  • /.trigger Unknown. Probably forces a specific event to happen on the map.
  • /.quest Unknown.
  • /.mission Unknown.
  • /.respawn Unknown. Probably forces a dead character to respawn at a ressurection shrine.