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This page is very outdated, because I'm still working on a site for Nolani Blaze of her own. She's that special and totally awesum[edit | edit source]

Thanks to[edit | edit source]

Eightyfour-onesevenfive I used his code/layout to make this page

Blaze[edit | edit source]

I bought Guild Wars in the first month it came out. Due to a slow internet connection and low end computer, I couldn't play the game until February 2006. I had an account which I shared with my brother. All his characters were called Soul Flame <something>, and all my characters were called <something> Blaze, so that our guildies would know who was online. That is were I got my nickname from. The every first character I created was a Necromancer, Latrina Blaze. That character got deleted quickly, after that I made an Elementalist called Enti Blaze. Due to the new account, I had to delete her too and made a Mesmer, Nolani Blaze. I love the profession and it is certainly my favorite and Anet would have to try hard to make it less interesting for me. The Dervish comes close though. I've made several Warriors, but just don't like playing one. Firstly, the most retarded people ingame are usually Warriors and playing a Warrior is just too easy to me. I'm mostly found playing my Mesmer, vanquishing. I love playing GvG and roaming through the FoW and UW. I'm starting to like HA again a bit, but avoid PUG's as much as possible. Recently, I got in Halls for the 2nd time, and I won and held it once :). HoH chest drops are crap though, I had a Flame of Balthazar and a Sephis Axe with bad stats.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Get Nolani Blaze Obsidian armor (yeah, right, in my dreams)
  • Get Sister Luna Blaze 15k Kurzick armor <-done
  • Make Tsiro Blaze a skilled Beast Master (to tell you the truth, I'm bored with Ranger) <-done
  • Make Lucy Blaze the living/played/virtual proof that Fire Magic isn't the only good thing about Elementalists in PvE <-deleted
  • Get a Miniature Pig <-done
  • Get all titles for Nolani Blaze (except for the PvP and Festival titles)
  • Get a life

Characters[edit | edit source]

Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall
Member of Knights of Darkness Europe [KoD]

  • 2933 hours / 12 months (way too much)
  • Miniatures: Kirin, Varesh and Pig

  • Mighty Hero (3): 252 Fame
  • Gladiator Title Track (no title earned): 11 points
  • Friend of The Luxons Title Track (no title earned): 85,000 faction transferred
  • Friend of the Kurzicks Title Track (no title earned): 55,000 faction transferred
  • Lucky Title Track (no title earned): 26,915 tickets won
  • Hapless (1): 6,058 games of chance lost
  • Gamer Title Track (no title earned): 216 Gamer points

Mesmer Nolani Blaze

  • Main Character
  • Tyrian Female Character
  • Age: 1,032 hours / 11 months
  • Deaths: 3,219
  • XP: 5 million
  • Skills: 389 / Signet of Capture small transparent.gif 351
  • Completed Prophecies
  • Completed Luxon and Kurzick track of Factions
  • Completed Nightfall, has access to the Domain of Anguish
  • Unlocked all heroes.
  • Vabbian Armor, dyed white with black boots. Getting black gloves.

  • Kind of a Big Deal (1): 5 titles maxed
  • Protector of Tyria (1): 25/25 missions
  • Protector of Cantha (no title earned): 9/13 missions
  • Protector of Elona (no title earned): 14/20 missions
  • Tyrian Master Cartographer (95%): 95.3% explored
  • Canthan Cartographer (90%): 94.0% explored
  • Elonian Cartographer (90%): 92.0% explored
  • Advanced Treasure Hunter (3): 777 opened
  • Collector of Wisdom (2): 542 identified
  • Spearmarshall (9): 42,083 promotion points
  • Vanquishing Lightbringer (5): 9,071 promotion points

Monk Sister Luna Blaze

  • Tyrian Female Character
  • Age:
  • Deaths:
  • XP:
  • Skills:
  • Used mostly for the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld
  • Currently working on getting her through Nightfall to roam the Domain of Anguish
  • Kurzick 15k Armor, dyed red

Elementalist Nicky Blaze

  • Canthan Female Character
  • Age:
  • Deaths:
  • XP:
  • Skills:

Necromancer Catherine Blaze

  • Tyrian Female Character
  • Age:
  • Deaths:
  • XP:
  • Skills:
  • Only played when my brother and a friend of mine are online. We are going through the game as three Necromancers. I'm the Curses Necro, my brother is Blood, my friend is Death. Mostly used as storage now.

Necromancer Melissa Blaze

  • Elonian Female Character
  • Age:
  • Deaths:
  • XP:
  • Skills:

Ranger Tsiro Blaze

  • Age:
  • Miniature: Kirin
  • Deaths:
  • XP:
  • Skills:
  • Pet: Crane

PvP Monk, The Only Pvp Blaze

PvP Slot, usually named The True Pvp Blaze I used to call my PvP characters "Pvp Blaze", but that name is taken now.