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User:Bob III

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Known Aliases[edit | edit source]

  • Three
  • Robert Chevalier III

Description[edit | edit source]

Date of Birth: 1984 Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue Hair: Auburn
Race: Caucasian Place of Birth: Wisconsin, US
Height: 5'10" Build: Thin
Languages: English, some French, C++

Affiliation[edit | edit source]

The Crimson Guard, aka CG, CGI
Rank: Officer

Background[edit | edit source]

'Three' is currently a senior completing both his last semester of study in the field of Computer Science and a related internship. His major hobbies include games, discing, programming, making obscure references, and pestering his guild lord.

Field Operatives[edit | edit source]

Alpha Three, M, E/M*20
The Thrice Forsaken, F, N/Mo20
Kavkas Toxin, M, P/W20
Thrice Cursed Charm, F, Me/N20
Tribble Black, M, W/R|Mo20
Pitagora Suitchi, F, A/W20
Sidmael Tridd, M, Rt/Mo20
Skish Noise
Commander Aya
Charred Raven
Mite Smite