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This user "Caithe" prefers to use the enhanced profile. -- I am officially drooling...

RoseOfKali character.jpg

Vow of Silence.jpg About Me [edit | edit source]

Mai Yuzerboksez[edit | edit source]

Seriously, me crazy.
Hi-res-Vampiric Spirit.jpg This player is a Necromancer.
Hi-res-Angelic Bond.jpg This player got married 4/26/08.
Hi-res-Ride the Lightning.jpg This player is an armor whore.
Hi-res-Heal as One.jpg This player is feline in character.
Hi-res-Amity.jpg This player's favorite color is blue.
Hi-res-Destructive Was Glaive.jpg This player likes to destroy things.
Hi-res-Charging Strike.jpg This player is a warrior princess.
Hi-res-Grenth's Grasp.jpg This player dislikes stupid people.
Hi-res-Shadow Meld.jpg This player can't befriend girls.
Hi-res-Tease.jpg This player is a tease.
Technobabble.jpg This player is a member of the GW Test Krewe.
Weakened by Dhuum.jpg This player smites RC with her spam binges.
MiniCelestialRatIcon.png This player is a Rat.
MiniCelestialOxIcon.png This player is married to an Ox.
WikiOgre2.png This player is a terrible WikiOgress.
Heavy Equipment Pack.png <- I need like 5 of these... On one character.
Caster-icon-montage.png This user plays all professions.
Admin This user is an Administrator.

My Immigration Rant...[edit | edit source]

Read my sobby story about how much bureaucracy and politics fucks with people's lives on my rant page.

Obsidian Flesh.jpg About My GW [edit | edit source]

  • I'm currently playing GW on and off - my remaining titles are all grindfest, and I need to farm money for titles and minis... Got boring pretty quick... But assuming you read my rant, you know I sadly got nothing useful to do right now
  • I always have and always will be an HoM whore, which you can see on Rose's page
  • Next up for HoM: 4th Bday minis and any ultra-rare minis I can get my hands on... oh boy... (a current PC on them would be much appreciated)
  • I also spend most of my time getting titles for my necro and saving up cash for remaining HoM trophies
  • I totally refuse to buy GW gold online; everything I own was bought with money I made in-game
  • I also refuse to use cheats and exploits, including Texmod for maps, although I did cave in for GW Multi-Launcher - no luxury of multiple PCs in Ukraine
  • I have worked on countless armor galleries, random images, and just stuff here and there
  • I have been nominated for Wiki adminship. Twice. Yay? A year later, I am now an admin.
  • My feedback portal on GWW.

Reaper's Mark.jpg Characters[edit | edit source]

Necromancer Rose Of Kali - main

Elementalist Crystal Firefly

Warrior Scarlet Steel

Monk Nymph Of Bloodbane

Ritualist Ariadne Soulcaller

Mesmer Anais Mindflayer

Paragon Vixen Stormrider

Dervish Enigma Noctis

Assassin Erotica Nyx

Ranger Fay Nightfire - mule

Ranger Fay Hellfire - LDoA

Elementalist Rose Of Venus - Legendary Survivor

Necromancer Rose Of Osiris - mule

NA-icon-small.png Random slot #14