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Hey i'm nik and i have no clue how to make this a cooler page since I'm not terribly computer savvy.

So to make this even more intresting i will tell you who my characters in game are:

W/any--- Gerrith Magnul (Finished Prophecies and Factions) Usually uses and IDS and an Exalted Aegis. Likes to run my homemade Icy Dragon Spike. Basically a sword spike build utilizing Conjure Frost and Dragon Slash, with a few condiion causing sword skills thrown in for good Measure.

R/Mo--- Magnuls Tracker (No completed Campaigns) My most recent addition to the Magnul family. He uses both the Elswyth Recurve/Logbow. I use the Recurve with my Barrage Build and Use the Longbow with my Burning Arrow build. He is basically my money maker Since he has my favorite running build (3 run skills and Condition/hex removal skills). Also runs the Tombs on the weekends.

Me/Mo--- Pavel Burnn (No completed Campaigns) 3rd character ever created. He runs mainly Domination mesmer builds which have no real purpose just particulur skills that i like. Recently made a Illusion Degen Build which i don't like much at all. Basically the only joy i get from him is the new Ether Feast buff which made me play him for a solid two days until he got to the desert and i was too bored to continue.

PVP Slot--- The caharacter i make to run different PvP builds mainly AB since thats the only PvP i play. (GO LUXONS!!)

P/W--- Magnuls Spartan [Completed almost all of Nightfall (I killed Varesh and thats good enogh for me)] First character i made for nightfall and now i rarely play him since i could never find a build i enjoyed, then i decided on Ballad of Restoration but the garden was nightfallen already so i was out o' luck. Now i run another homemade build wich consists of Ballad Puification and wearying spear.

A/me--- Daggers of Magnul (completed Factions almost) First character i made in Factions and he runs a B-E-A-utiful build consisting of the unblockable attack chain and Assassins Promise. Unfortunately Finding a group in the Unwaking Waters mission is like pulling teeth so i haven't played him much recently for anything other than a Consulate ferry.

E/A--- Tyrandus Fyrecaster (started all 3 campaigns and completed none for now...) First character I ever made. For a long time i didn't play him at all, but i just found my favoritest build on PvXwiki, Dual Attunement Air Spiker. This revitalied my love for him after i could not find a fire build i even liked. (don't even get me started on how much i hate exhaustion and Fire spells in general). Now i am playing Nightfall with him and hopefully this time i will be able to enjoy my build.

Mo/Me--- Magnuls Prtection (hasn't accomplshed much of anythig) Basically when i was playing Prophecies and nothing else i realised how much Monks are needed. So when i bought factions and made my assassin i decided to make a Monk. He runs a very basic heal only build using WoH that all my healing heroes use. Unfortunately i found out that Nightfall killed off the desperate search for monks in PUGs i kinda abbandoned him and only play him for my guildies benefit.

Guild History

  1. Made a guild when i first started with a friend o' mine. Never even made it out of Pre-searing.
  2. Hopped around from guild to guild in a kinda noob haze of no real understanding.
  3. Joined "Caring is Creepy" (yes its named after the Shins Song) immedeatly upon joining and reading the name i knew it was meant to be. stayed in the guild for roughly 5 months became an officer and enjoyed life. Unfortunately my LDS standards hindered my enjoyment in the guild and I quit.
  4. Tried starting my own guild and still feeling the wrongs of the past i made it a LDS only guild which turned into an Any-religion-with-high-standards-guild. I didn't last very long until i realised i wasn't cu out for that kind of stuff. I handed it off to my Dad who is as far as i know the only remaining member, but he hasn't been on for months now.
  5. Joined Imud, which i had seen for quite some time and i really enjoyed.
  6. Left Imud when i was offered an invite into The Gear Trick. I was stoked but at the same time a few of my friends wanted to make a guild so i was caught in between guilds and now both oppurtunities died off.
  7. Joined Red Army Faction had a good time until the leader gave up
  8. In some guild i can't remember the name of and feeling horrible for not being a more reliable guildy

Thus Concludes the saga that is Nik Abbott's Guild Wars career, i still play but classes and work limit me to only the weekends.

I am on wiki alot and have learned more about GW from reading the discussion page then i have reading the actual articles. I add my two bits occasionly but i am mostly a silent observer. This is cuz i am not intelligent enough to know how to load screenshots or "revert" an article.

To any brave soul who actually read the above speal please sign your name and comments in the talk page and become my new personal hero. ;)

P.S. if anyone wants to show me how to make userboxes that would be pretty chill