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Assassin-icon.png Dark Defender Dex

Elite Farmer

Level: 20

Born:Southwest Kaineng City, Cantha

Campaign: Factions, December 2007


armor: Assassin Ancient armor [Black],Assassin Elite Luxon armor [White],Assassin Elite Imperial armor [Black].

Experience: 20 million xp

Favorite Weapons: Destroyer Daggers,Shinobi Blade,Destroyer Focus,Plagueborn Daggers, Req 8 Oni Daggers,Tormented Daggers

elitefavorite: Fox's Promise Fox's Promise (elite)

nonelitefavorite: Sight Beyond Sight Sight Beyond Sight

Pet: Dire Black Widow

miniature: Mallyx,Kuunavang,Lich Lord,Varesh Ossa,Shiro Tagachi,Prince Rurik,Black Moa Chick,Abyssal,Raptor,Roaring Ether,Kirin,Charr Shaman,Burning Titan,Temple Guardian,Siege Turtle,Hydra , Aatxe,Koss,Elf,Palawa Joko ,Fungal Wallow,Hydra Jade Armor,Harpy Ranger ,Mandragor Imp,Whiptail Devourer,Fire Imp Asura.

Elite Skills: Assassin Assassin Asterisk.jpgCommon: Ursan Blessing Ursan Blessing,Volfen Blessing Volfen Blessing,Raven Blessing Raven Blessing

Hero's Unlocked:Koss,Dunkoro,Melonni,Tahlkora,Acolyte Jin,Acolyte Sousuke,Olias,Zenmai,Zhed Shadowhoof,Margrid the Sly,Master of Whispers,Goren,Norgu,General Morgahn,Ogden Stonehealer,Vekk,Gwen,Kahmu,Xandra,Jora,Pyre Fierceshot,Anton,Hayda,Livia



  • To Find out who my real Father is. And Kill him
  • To Reach Max Cash in my account
  • To get all the Elite Skill's
  • To unlock Ritualist Hero Razah
  • To get as many Miniature's as possible

Favorite Hero Builds:

  • Hero Team Kurzick HFFF
  • Hero Team Luxon Scout The Coast HFFF
  • Hero Nuke/Zaishen Farmers
  • Hero Triple Necro Vanquish

Campaign Progress

  • Prophecies Campaign:Complete
  • Factions Campaign:Complete
  • Nightfall Campaign:Complete
  • Eye of the North Expansion:Complete

Title Progress (titles currently achieved)

Protector Of Elona (1)
Protector Of Cantha (1)
Slayer of all(10)
Legendary Survivor (3)
Not Too Shabby (10)
Sunspear Castellan (8)
Brave Lightbringer (3)
Bold Delver (5)
Mysterious Agent (4)
Elonian Explorer (63.0%)
Canthan Explorer (75.0%)
Collector of Wisdom (2)


This is my main Character...The name AssassinDark defender Dex Comes from a Television Series Dexter based on a 2004 Novel entitled Darkly Dreaming Dexter‎ by:Jeff Lindsay

Contact Info:

E-Mail me at or

  • Elite Weapons
Plagueborn Daggers.jpg
Shinobi Blade.jpg