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Hi. I play Guild Wars. Duh. I've got Factions and Nightfall. Is there a template for user pages?

My favorite skill? Immolate has been my favorite for a while. I discovered Barbs recently and it's great fun to watch the damage floater text when a foe is being attacked by multiple allies.

My vote for most powerful skill? Spoil Victor.

Skill which seems to do more harm than good: Blackout.

Favorite profession? I have not decided. Not Monk because I like offense more than defense. Probably not Paragon for the same reason. Being a Mesmer would be a lot more fun if you could see the foe's energy bar. I play mostly PvE but have only had a Ranger, Mesmer, and Monk.

Points of frustration: stupid camera angle resets at resurrection shrine; skill casting time seems to increase with internet lag (is that just my imagination or not?). Creating a 55 Monk without Prophecies is more difficult due to no Blessed Aura.

Amusing anomolies: sometimes I can walk 20-30 steps through a portal until it catches. Why are Mantras stances and not shouts?