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User:Dr ishmael/Nicholas the Traveler smw test

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Past collections[edit | edit source]

SMW replacements of the tables on Nicholas the Traveler/Past Collections.

Collections details[edit | edit source]


Items summary[edit | edit source]


Locations summary and checklist[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, now that the storage schema is item-centric, rebuilding the "Location checklist" is going to be more difficult. We could set Property:Traveler date within {{TravelerLocationInfo}} on the location pages, which would be a pretty simple solution. We're also going to need to convert all 137 locations to the semantic location infobox.

Main Page[edit | edit source]

Use a subtemplate to reformat the results of a single #ask query

Use a #var to store the name of the current location and display the individual data with #show queries

In either case, the wikitext of the main page wouldn't have to change - the changes would be made in the Nicholas template.

Determining known/unknown status[edit | edit source]

The following query returns the maximum known value of Property:Traveler index. If the current week's index is greater than this, then we don't yet know what item Nick is collecting.

{{#ask:[[Traveler index::+]]|?Traveler index|limit=137|format=max}}

Item plurals[edit | edit source]

Plurals have been implemented as a string property within Template:ItemInfo.

The new Nick template[edit | edit source]

Instead of having a huge #switch: statement, we have a simple #if:

{{#ifexpr:{{Nicholas the Traveler/index|{{{1|}}}}} > {{#ask:[[Traveler index::+]]|?Traveler index|limit=137|format=max}}
  | {{#widget:TravelerUnknown}}
  | {{#ask: [[Traveler index::{{Nicholas the Traveler/index|{{{1|}}}}}]] | ?Traveler quantity | ?Traveler location | format=template | template=Nicholas the Traveler/Main Page | link=none }}