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This user is primarily a PvE player.

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~6 Months~
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All about

My new guild.

The Info

  • Real Name: Matt E.
  • Age: 13
  • Territory: America
  • Guild:
  • The Darksteel Legion [TDL]
  • Exiles of Darksteel [EoD]
  • Ironguard of Mournhold [IGoM]
  • The Beer Cult [Beer]
  • Exiles of the Ironguard [EotI]
  • Delcrotic Legion [DeL]


The Person


Gonna get back to this, tchao for now ;P

Active Characters[edit | edit source]

Sermon Delcroy.jpg
Sermon Delcroy

  • Finish 15 point attribute quests
  • Get Holy Veil
Hiron Delcroy.jpg
Hiron Delcroy

  • Find stuff to do
Myra Delcroy.jpg
Myra Delcroy

Celia Delcroy.jpg
Celia Delcroy

Xozone Delcroy.jpg
Xozone Delcroy

Mendor Delcroy.jpg
Mendor Delcroy

Zanros Delcroy.jpg
Zanros Delcroy

Reyna Delcroy.jpg
Reyna Delcroy

  • Run Droks
  • Get Farther in NF


"I have Friends?"

My Market


  • Notin' ATM


My Fun Stuff




Credits[edit | edit source]

I have created this user page with following the code on the following users:

I also got some userbox ideas from: