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1st GuildWiki Create A Hero Contest
Ereanor CAH contest.jpg
by Ereanor

Greetings![edit | edit source]

Welcome to the first Create A Hero contest in GuildWikian history. As the name suggests, this contest is about creating your very own Hero for Guild Wars.

Really? How the fuck does it work?[edit | edit source]

Example of a Paragon hero with "original" armor, made with good old Paint.

Straight and simple, make a hero article much like this one. Format the article including, but not limited to, the following sections:

  • General Info: At the top (no header), a short description of the character and a complete BeastInfo infobox template. That includes creating a picture for it. The picture doesn't have to be a professional Photoshop masterpiece. You can do it with Paint and still get a good review if it's funny, or because it's aestethic represents the character better. Still, the contest creator offers his services and digital image editing skills if needed.
  • Lore: Some biographical stuff. Who is he/she? Where does the character come from, what are his/her interests, beliefs, fears, goals, etc.
  • Recruitment: How you gain the hero. If you make an additional article for the recruting Quest, it'll be valued by the judges.
  • Armor: Name the armor style the hero wears. Adding an Armor Gallery article with different armor styles will also be valued.
  • Quotes: Idle quotes and Battle quotes. Squeeze your creativity and trivia memory doing this part.
  • Notes: The usual notes section, info that doesn't fit in other sections but still worth adding.
  • Trivia: Explain some quotes, or clarify your inspiration if your hero is trivia based.

Eventually, the Judges Team will declare an official deadline, upon wich no more entries will be accepted. Once reached, deliberation will begin, and winners will be decided. Judges can add their own entries only as examples, since they can't compete. Judges will also be the ones providing the prizes. If you want to be a part of the Judges Team, acknowledge these conditions by signing below.

Judges Team[edit | edit source]

So...What's in it for me?[edit | edit source]

The Judges Team is being assembled, once they are ready, prizes will be decided upon. So far, ideas run from absurdly huge amounts of in-game gold to long forgotten crap from our Xunlai Storage. Still, a specially designed Winner Überbox Userbox has been confirmed by the developers. We are also working on getting an actual pic of May to give away as a consolation prize.

Abemus Überbox![edit | edit source]

Ereanor CAH SDA.jpg This user won the 1st GuildWiki Create A Hero Contest.

Sounds interesting! Who do I have to screw with to get in?[edit | edit source]

Just sign below in any of our very original categories and get to work. In the same spirit of innovation, special awards will be created too.

1) Serious Business Guild Wars hero[edit | edit source]

A normal hero article, dreaming about Anerf adding it to the game helps. Might be completely created by your imagination or trivia inspired.

2) LoL Guild Wars hero[edit | edit source]

A funny hero article, getting other users to laugh at it is the goal here. Can be based in an inside joke of Guild Wars and/or Guild Wiki, or in some other external funny trivia.

  • Assuming I don't leave with disgust at wikia I got a idea to screw around with.--AlariSig.png
  • Hmm, this could be funCobalt6.jpg - (Talk/Contribs)
  • Entropy Sig.jpg (T/C) 00:29, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
  • And so on

3) Upclose and Personal Guild Wiki hero[edit | edit source]

An even funnier hero article, portraying one of our beloved fellow GuildWikias as a Guild Wars hero. It can be yourself, or someone else.

I'm an elitist PvX bastard, I know your build sucks, but I don't know where to list my entry![edit | edit source]

Add a link to the corresponding list below and sign it. Example:

1) Serious Business Guild Wars hero[edit | edit source]

2) LoL Guild Wars hero[edit | edit source]

3) Upclose and Personal Guild Wiki hero[edit | edit source]