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User:Felix Omni/Anti Bot Campaign

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A Peaceful Protest[edit | edit source]

A friend of mine and I have obtained the e-mail address of a site selling Guild Wars gold. We will each be sending them the following e-mail once a day.


I am a Guild Wars gamer and, like many others, I have been flooded with spam ads for your website. Not only is it against the EULA to buy online products off-line, but it is also irritating to players to be whispered by your bots as we travel into outposts. You should do the Guild Wars community a favor and get your bots off-line and let us enjoy our game!
I sent this same e-mail yesterday, and I will continue to send it once each day - as often as I have to put your bots on my ignore list.


One customer you will never have.

I would like to ask all of you to join us in our quest to remove at least this one pest from the game we all play. The e-mail address is If you choose to send this e-mail even once, let alone once a day, you will have my gratitude.