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Ahai to everyone who cares to read my profile! I'm a long-time GW player, but it's just recently that I've decided to participate in this very useful and well-put together website. I don't know much about how to use the Wiki programming tools which is why I'm just typing it all out in a paragraph. I know much about the game and I'm hoping that my experience will help some people out that need it. I don't really debate topics, but I can handle constructive criticism if I happen to post any ideas or opinions.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I'm 19, working as an electrician, and going to college. I play GW (along with many other games) in my spare time and sometimes just to use the chat window to talk to the people I can't normally. In game, I'm part of [SLAM], a guild me and my friends created. It's a small guild that we are all proud of, and have fun being in it. My most used IGN is Sharingan Shinobi...because I like assassins.