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I'm English, I've been playing GW since 2005, and I will never call anyone a noob. When playing on my Paragon I have a disturbing tendency to put "-izzle" on the end of words.

In game I like doing PvE with the Alliance, playing RA and AB, helping the odd newbie, and winding up spammers in general chat. "W-T-B Furious Ban-Hammer of Spammer-Slaying!". And killing those cheesy touchers with my Assassin. Killing them dead. My main in-game name is Egon the Inscribed.

My Alliance[edit | edit source]

I'm leader of Sixty Per Cent [DP], a UK guild and member of the GEAR alliance. We started off a couple of weeks after [TIFA] seemed to go a bit dead. If you're a UK player looking for a non-competive guild, we're after people. We aim to get PvPers interested in PvE, and do regular AB and TA as soon as we get more members. We are working on a GW music vid for Re: Your Brains, which may be finished sometime soon. Possibly. Our forums are at and we have an email at [1]

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

-Demo of "Re:your brains" video

-"The Gear Trick" webcomic, by Derrick and Iron of GEAR

"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"

Some ideas/code used on this page originated from these pages:

  • Layout and coding stolen from Barek, and he got inspiration from:

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