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MOVED to ANet's new official Wiki.
This will be my last edit here, and because of some legal mumbo-jumbo:

I release all my GuildWiki contributions into the public domain, so that they can be used on ANet's official GuildWars Wiki as well


I have played many MMORPGs and offline RPGs over the years,
including Eye of the Beholder, Fallout, Baldur's Gate & Neverwinter Nights, Ultima Online, EverQuest and even World of Warcraft.
I am looking forward to Age of Conan and Fallout Online. I also hope that the current attempt of an Ultima Online remake succeeds.

I am a GW player from day one. After playing EVE for a few months right after the release of Sorrow's Furnace I returned to GW.

GW Facts about me:

  • PvE Player
  • I have one of each primary class and several mules on the same account
  • Tons of PvE titles, but maybe soon Gladiator, too!
  • CE for all chapters
  • Dedicated armor and weapons collector, always running low on storage
  • Perfectly equipped Heroes with fancy gear
  • Still no single FoW armor part
  • Probably because of this filthy rich! ;)

My biggest complaints about Guild Wars:

  • The joke they call "Storage"
  • No Insignia and Inscription drops for older chapters
  • No upgrade option to Insignias for old armors
  • Access system to FoW/UW and The Deep/Urgoz' Warren

My ideas and wishes for GW:

  • Environment effects not based on the area or spirits, but terrain!
  • Ability to jump and swim
  • Two-Handed Swords and Axes
  • Much more storage