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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hi, I am young guy from Slovakia living in Czech Republic (Middle Europe) interested in all that has something to do with computing and technology. I like playing PC games and I play GW since the Fall 2006. I control currently 8 characters(5 are level 20). At this time I study electrotechnics and high-end administration, also keen on nuke physics. Feel free to ask anything from these. I enjoy playing football but most time i spend in front of my LCD.
I roam through GW universe with my sparring partner Guldan Of Dhuum.

My Characters[edit | edit source]


WarriorZeratul The Avenger


ElementalistFaenor Wrathbringer
ParagonTyrael The Stalwart


NecromancerMelkor Doomgiver
MonkEarendil The Keeper
RitualistPraetor Of Angband
DervishDarth Sargeras
RangerHaldir Of Dale

Most of my character bear the names of heroes from various fantasy universes such as Lord of the Rings or Blizzard environment. I tried to suit names to correspond with my thoughts about particular character or its main purpose. All attention is granted to my ultimate character, thatswhy i only keep record of skill capping for him here.

My Guild[edit | edit source]

At the moment I am member of The Big Team [TBT] guild. It is Luxon guild with about 50 members and totally PvE oriented.

Long Term Plans[edit | edit source]

To finish DoA quests, farm a lot for nice thingies and finally finish that cursed Titan Quests.

Credits[edit | edit source]

So far I don't know whos ideas have I used so if you think that its yours, announce it on my talk page. Main idea of creating this user page comes from my guildmate Jill Bioskop X who inspired me. Parts of code come from Jyro X.

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