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Strike the Record
Seeking Blade.jpg
Oh, Strike the Record, not the recorder... Oops.
Skill details
Exclaim2.GIF Profession: Monster
Attribute: Posting Magic
Type: Spell
Energy.png Energy Cost: 5
Activation.png Activation Time: 3/4
Recharge.png Recharge Time: 1/4

Strike the Record[edit | edit source]

Spell. Target foe loses all enchantments, stances, conditions, and is no longer under the effect of any shouts, hexes, echos, or chants. For each thing removed this way target foe is struck for 30 damage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This skill is only used by Gigathrash
  • This skill can be useful if youre under alot of hexes or conditions, but could be bad because of the damage.
  • Becasue of this skill it is unwise to bring a large amount of enchantments, stances, shouts, echoes, or chants.
  • This is the only known skill that can remove an echo, shout, or chant.