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About Me[edit | edit source]

For the most part, I only play Guild Wars, but I often get bored after playing it for too many days in a row. So, I often switch between Guild Wars, Star Wars: KotOR, and various PS2 games, usually a Final Fantasy. But in the end, I always come back to Guild Wars. When in Guild Wars, I enjoy making/using unique, or close-to unique, builds. While playing against other people, the three ways I enjoy "interaction" with them are:

  • 1 Messing them up as much as humanly possible
  • 2 Destroying them in ways no one has never thought of
  • 3, and most of all: Humiliating them as much as the game allows

Number three is accomplished by my favorite build of all, which will be covered later.

I generally dislike melee professions, prefering to kill from a distance with a Ranger, or letting spells do my dirty work. As well as messing with people that attempt to melee me, especially overused W/Mo builds that all use Mending for some unknown reason.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Page layout inspired by (essentially copied from, I'm new) Aberrant80
  • Stats last updated on November 27, 2006.
  • Am not sure of order of creation for my characters, am listing order they are in in my list

Ranger-icon.png Lame Sniper Ftw[edit | edit source]



  • none

Progress of titles:

  • Tyrian Missions: 12/25
  • Canthan Missions: 1/13
  • Tyrian Exploration: 57.4%
  • Canthan Exploration: 31.8%
  • Treasure Hunter: 2/100
  • Skill Hunter: 12/90
  • Wisdom Track: 14/100


  • Finally finish the Prophecies campaign - currently at Ring of Fire
  • Cap more skills in Shiverpeaks and Ring of Fire
  • Complete Arborstone and Boreas Seabed to continue Factions campaign

Ritualist-icon.png Gimme The Gep Gun[edit | edit source]

  • Level 20 Canthan


  • None

Progress of titles:

  • Canthan Exploration: 22.7%
  • Tyrian Exploration: 0.3%
  • Canthan Missions: 1/13
  • Wisdom Track: 2/100
  • Skill Hunter: 1/90


Default Character.png
  • Created this after I deleted my Me/E Domination/Water character of the same name.
  • This character is a Ritualist MM that I attempted, but I have not used in an extremely long time.
  • Minions from this character have an extremely large amount of health, but not much armor, and it always takes forever to heal them, so I often don't even bother

Monk-icon.png Hey Stop Dying[edit | edit source]

  • Level 20 Weh no Su Canthan


  • Canthan Master Cartographer 97.9%

Progress of titles:

  • Tyrian Exploration: 19.9%
  • Canthan Missions: 8/13
  • Tyrian Missions: 4/25
  • Skill Hunter: 23/90
  • Treasure Hunter: 4/100
  • Wisdom Track: 23/100
  • Drunkard Track: 24/1000 minutes


  • This character was created with the intent of being a healer, but I later noticed that healing was very boring (when I was still on Shing Jea -.- ), so I went Smiter
  • By far my favorite character out of all of mine, as my build accomplishes 3 of the 4 things I value most: 1. It is an underused build, 2. It provides utter destruction in unforseen ways, 3. It provides complete humiliation, as they got owned by a Monk
  • My Smiting build, I don't care if you copy it (In fact, I encourage you to. The world needs more Smiters):


12+3+1 Smiting

12 Domination


Spear of Light.jpg Banish.jpg Smite.jpg Bane Signet.jpg Signet of Judgment.jpg Signet of Rage.jpg Shatter Enchantment.jpg Empathy.jpg

  • Best used in ABs, as this build obviously contains no rez. Not good for Aspenwood
  • Finishing up Canthan exploration title

Necromancer-icon.png Soul Morpher[edit | edit source]

Default Character.png
  • Level 18 Tyrian

Titles: Next:

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Other stuff of at least mild importance to me

My Notepad, mostly for build ideas

Check this out, it's awesome! And a little bit creepy.... you'll understand if you see it. Some people just have WAY too much time on their hands.

Healbot Blues

Check this out! Look at the cinematic trailer and you will FINALLY find out what happens inside a Terran Barracks!

Skills[edit | edit source]

Humorous or otherwise:

  • Garrote - an elite Deadly Arts touch skill