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This build utilizes the elite Shadow Arts skill Shadow Form and the earth magic skill Sliver Armor to quickly take down bosses that are accompanied by medium/large mobs to efficiently farm their green items

Attributes and skills[edit | edit source]

ElementalistAssassinElementalist / Assassin Attribute Rank
Earth Magic 12 + 1 + 3
Energy Storage 3 + 3
Shadow Arts 12
Shadow Form.jpg

Shadow Form

Death's Charge.jpg

Death's Charge

Glyph of Elemental Power.jpg

Glyph of Elemental Power

Sliver Armor.jpg

Sliver Armor

Obsidian Flame.jpg

Obsidian Flame

Teinai's Crystals.jpg

Teinai's Crystals

Shadow of Haste.jpg

Shadow of Haste

Dark Escape.jpg

Dark Escape

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Counters[edit | edit source]

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Caltrops is useful against bosses who attempt to flee when heavily damaged.
  • Feigned Neutrality and/or Shadow Refuge is useful against groups which have mobs with touch skills which penetrate Shadow Form and is also required for the run to some bosses.
  • You may also use Shock, Aftershock, & Teinai's Crystals in that order. Shock is a great interrupt on many bosses who cast their healing spells first to negate Sliver Armor.
  • Shadow of Haste serves to give you an emergency out and is particularly useful when learning the build, taking the 'error' out of 'trial and error'. This serves particularly well when attempting to master a series of difficult bosses in a single run, such as the monk-mesmer-elementalist-necro constructs in Sunjiang District Explorable. Be warned - the speed boost offered by the skill makes pulling groups more difficult.
  • The exact same build can be used for farming gemstones in Gloom.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes the skill Sliver Armor may start hitting other enemies instead of the boss and may change targets.

List of soloable bosses[edit | edit source]

Total Number of Soloable Bosses: 128

  • Please add info of the level of difficulty for each boss (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard).

Prophecies[edit | edit source]

1 Current Boss

Monk (Mo)[edit | edit source]
  • Protection Prayers
    • MonkKepkhet Marrowfeast - Hard (Make sure not to give the scarabs a corpse before kill due to Well of the Profane. Most of the time the area effect of traps placed below Kepkhet kill you, you turn into a peice of toast.) I changed my build for this boss using Shadow Refuge instead of Obsidian Flame. Before attacking the boss I cast Dark Escape (to reduce damage taken in this case) followed by Glyph of Elemental Power and Shadow Form, then use Death's Charge on the boss followed up with Sliver Armor. Then cast Shadow Refuge to neutralize the effects of the traps and start using Teinai's Crystals and Crystal Wave until Kepkhet is dead. Personally I haven't failed farming Kepkhet after this modification. Mark of Protection could still be a problem though. If you also change Crystal Wave and Teinai's Crystals for Shock and Lift Enchantment, you can cast Shock when Kepkhet casts Mark Of Protection. If you interrupt Mark Of Protection, than just continue killing him, but if you are too late (what probably will be the case), you have to cast Lift Enchantment, when Kepkhet is still knocked down. Than Mark Of Protection will be removed and you will have enough time left to kill Kepkhet. Also, make sure that no griffon has aggroed Kepkhet, as it will spawn additional touch necros around her. Also, if you died attempting to kill her, you have to rezone and retry, as additional touch necros from surrounding area will come near her. If you follow up all those tips, Kepkhet will be Easy/Medium.

Factions[edit | edit source]

51 Current Bosses

Warrior (W)[edit | edit source]
Ranger (R)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

To Be Added...

To Be Added...

To Be Added...

To Be Added...'

Monk (Mo)[edit | edit source]
Necromancer (N)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

  • Blood Magic
    • NecromancerKyril Oathwarden - Medium (Earth Elementalists can kill you with Shockwave)
    • NecromancerFoalcrest Darkwish - Easy/Medium (Most of the time you can kill him in one shot, but if that doesn't work aggro the nearby group of Mantises and die yourself; he will make Bone Fiends which give you just enough damage for Sliver Armor)
    • NecromancerChan the Dragon's Blood - Easy/Very Easy (The run is easy if you have Feigned Neutrality)
  • Death Magic
    • NecromancerGhial the Bone Dancer - Hard/Very Hard (With more than 2 rits just pull the group in front of the bridge with you using Feigned Neutrality and no speed buffs.For beginners, bring Dash and Shadow Refuge instead of Obsidian Flame and Crystal Wave. Also, bringing Glyph of Concentration in place of Glyph of Elemental Power is recommended; without it, your Sliver Armor may be interrupted.)
    • NecromancerSessk, Woe Spreader - Easy/Medium (Sometimes Silver Armour targets other enemies, if you bring stone dagger you can kill him in about 5 seconds)
  • Curses
Mesmer (Me)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

Elementalist (E)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

Assassin (A)[edit | edit source]
Ritualist (Rt)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

  • Restoration Magic
    • RitualistFlower Spiritgarden - Hard/Very Hard (move in a litte until mobs pop up)
    • RitualistOrosen, Tranquil Acolyte-Medium/Hard (cast Obsidian Flame, Crystal Wave, Teinais Crystals and then Obsidian again (with the other skills applied). Foes can interrupt your skills.Also pull the group that is right up the ramp near him)

Nightfall[edit | edit source]

76 Current Bosses

Warrior (W)[edit | edit source]
  • Swordsmanship
    • WarriorReaper of Agony - Medium (Time your run when he has moved near the two groups of Margonites)
  • Axe Mastery
    • WarriorChor the Bladed - Easy/Medium
    • WarriorRobah Hardback - Medium/Hard
    • WarriorColonel Chaklin- Medium/Hard (Easy to get to,try to aggro as much as you can and avoid disrupts, if you die hope your shadowform is recharged fast and reattack asap if hes halfway or more down in health good chance second shot will finish him
  • Hammer Mastery
    • WarriorGrabthar the Overbearing - Medium/Hard (Need to also aggro the nearby harpy group to be successful, if you wait a moment the harpies actually move closer to Grabthars mob) Not much room for error.
    • WarriorRiktund the Vicious - Medium/Hard
  • Shield
    • Strength
      • WarriorOnwan, Lord of the Ntouka - Easy/Medium (Leave from command post and follow river into lake. Attended to by several Mesmers and route to reach the boss although short has a multitude of creatures)Easiest way to kill is to deaths charge to him then run past him and wait for recharge of skills then get the tusk howlers and boss to theirselves to keep the rampaging nktoukas from stripping your enchants with chilling victory
    • Tactics
Ranger (R)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

Monk (Mo)[edit | edit source]
Necromancer (N)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

  • Blood Magic
  • Death Magic
  • Curses
    • NecromancerCreo Vulnero - Easy/Medium
    • NecromancerFondalz the Spiteful - Medium
    • NecromancerModti Darkflower - Easy/Medium (Killing him is Very Easy, but its much easier to reach him if you run through the middle of the map till you reach the second resurrection shrine, only one group of mandragors will be in your aggro on the way to him.)if sucessful he can be killed in 3-4 seconds
    • NecromancerMaster of Misery - Very Hard (Very long and difficult run. Moreover, if you die once it'll be using taste of death on his minions to survive.)
    • NecromancerTain the Corrupter - Easy/Medium (Sometimes there's a Paragon in the group which can make it more difficult cause of the shout "Stand your ground")
Mesmer (Me)[edit | edit source]

To Be Added...

Elementalist (E)[edit | edit source]
Assassin (A)[edit | edit source]
Ritualist (Rt)[edit | edit source]
Dervish (D)[edit | edit source]
Paragon (P)[edit | edit source]
  • Spear
    • Spear Mastery
      • ParagonEshau Longspear - Easy/Medium (You need to aggro the group Mandragors behind him rezone if that party has a Mandragor Imp in it.)
      • ParagonShrieker of Dread - Hard (you'll need to aggro several (ideally 3) patrols to take him down; wait for them to converge). Also watch out for the Death Nova when killed.
      • ParagonPehnsed the Loudmouth - Medium (Very close. Sometimes takes two tries to get him down far enough that the next will kill him)
      • ParagonTureksin the Delegator - Medium ( Tough run, takes practice )
      • ParagonJishol Darksong - Medium (drop Tenai's Crystals for Disrupting Dagger to interrupt his self-heal, and aggro the mob of Cobalt to the south as well. He has a habit of running out of Sliver Armor despite being a melee foe, so be sure to keep tabs on him)
      • ParagonToshau Sharpspear - Easy/Medium (Staggering Force of Enchanted Brambles ignores Shadow Form)
  • Shield
    • Command
      • ParagonLieutenant Shagu - Medium/Hard (Must aggro at least 2 other groups to overcome the healing. Be sure to hit the res shrine just to the south)
      • ParagonBriahn the Chosen - Easy (Be sure to use obsidian flame twice, as soon as it recharges. This extra shot should be just enough to overcome the healing)
    • Motivation

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