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Message of the Day

So I logged in today to get some screenshots for inspirational art on a game I am working on. I wandered around on my Paragon in Nightfall. Then got on my Ele who was in GToB. Curiously, I wandered over to HA where I was confused by the current metagame. Since there was no way I could play HA, I made my way to RA where I failed alot (I went profession but Ranger) because I was out of practice. Finally, I got on my warrior and chopped up some bitches.

On my journey, I learned a few things:

  1. Costumes and decorative headgear?
  2. My monking skills have atrophied the most. I can't Monk by watching the field (perhaps because I need new contacts and can't see lol)
  3. WTF happened to AotL? There goes my MM AB build
  4. Newbs still try to play 55 in RA
  5. Crabs are gigantic. Dunno if they were resized or if I just haven't seen one and forgot what they looked like but they are huge!
  6. Mending still sucks

Am I going to start playing again? We'll see...


Where am I?[edit | edit source]

At the moment, I do not actively play Guild Wars so I don't regularly use the wiki. I can still be reached via email and AIM for emergency admin tasks if needed and I do check in every once in a while. (I also actually reference this wiki for my classes more often than you'd think). Largely due to my work with GuildWiki I am now very interested and excited by wikis in general and often draw on my experiences working here. I'm currently doing an independent study on MediaWiki for game design documentation and design doc organization.

Heather (RL)[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Heather. That's me over on the right. I am level 23 and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Game Design. I attend RIT where I am a graduate student in Game Design & Development. I was born and raised on Long Island. I'm a real girl and I like to think of myself as pretty fun and easy-going.

I have a webpage! Its

I was an active PvPer and PvEer and my favorite classes to play are Paragon (spiking, breaking pve), Elementalist (nuking and snaring) and monking (RC and HB/infuse).

Sysop[edit | edit source]

I'm also a sysop here on GuildWiki. As a sysop, I do basic clean up and the janitorial work required of a sysop. Additionally, I am also a bureaucrat. I probably won't be doing much as a bureaucrat that I don't already do as a sysop. In both roles, I try to serve as a protector of GuildWiki. I try to keep my eye on everything and take part in all aspects and namespaces of the wiki. I try not to let the insane amounts of power at my fingertips go to my head. You can find information on my admin behavior over at the admin info page.

According to my resume:

GuildWiki Administrator - Online community             Sysop, Bureaucrat
GuildWiki is the unofficial wiki for the MMO Guild Wars. Appointed sysop then
bureaucrat by earning respect and trust of the community. Participated in
discussions of policy, formatting, content. Extensive experience with MediaWiki
and Wikitext.

User page[edit | edit source]

Pretty much all the stuff for my user page is my own. I did get the menu tabs from User:Thedarkmarine. I've always wanted to have tabs like that and I was glad I found someone who had already done it so I could see where to go. If you like my user page and want to copy design elements (that is, you want to take some ideas or some code; not the whole thing! I want to be somewhat unique), I want credit and let me know on my talk page is all I ask.

My page doesn't work right in Internet Explorer. You should just download Firefox cause it's ten times better but if you are being a pain.... here.

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