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<3 KaiZ This user likes his guild.

Fanatic guildwarsplayer. If you need me. Pm me. IGN: Jelmew nema or leave a message on my talk page.

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Account Information:

Prophecies: Special Edition
Factions Normal Edition
Nightfall Normal Edition and Pre-Order pack
Total age: 14 months
Rough amount of money: 300 platinum

Warrior Jelmew Nema
beaten Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall.
Important title:Tyrian Trailblaizer (80.6%)

Monk Thima Jasin
Thima Jasin.JPG
beaten Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall.
Important title:

  • Kind of a big deal,
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Protector of Elona
  • Legendary spearmarshall
  • Canthan grand master cartographer
  • Vanquishing lightbringer.

Ritualist Zonum Xari
Zonum Xari.JPG
beaten Factions and Nightfall

RangerLulu Resna
Lulu Resna.JPG
beaten FactionsNightfall

NecromancerRalz Cenva
Ralz Cenva.JPG
beaten Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall

DervishRelna Akna
Relna Akna.JPG
beaten Nightfall
Important title:[[<Insert title>]]

ElementalistAsra Neka
Asra Neka.JPG
beaten Factions,Nightfall
Important title:[[<insert title>]]

MesmerSena Ralna
Sena Ralna.JPG
beaten Prophecies,Factions
Important title:Survivor The worst thing is that she lost her progress to the next survivor rank when she died in the cutscene in the vizunah square mission.

PVP slot