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As the presence of GuildWiki members on DDO has increased, it has become more difficult to know who is who in-game. Also since the guild and friend stuff is based on character, not account, people with multiple characters can have issues. So, for your viewing pleasure:

It is OK to edit this article, even though it is in the user namespace!

In fact, you may edit it mercilessly. As a courtesy, please keep the original direction of the article in mind.

Ghallanda[edit | edit source]

User Characters
JonTheMon Ardaniel (Paladin, main)
Lairiel (Sorcerer)
Khadarin (Wizard, main alt)
Carkiel (Ranger)
RandomTime (Not currently actively playing DDO) Elterviest (Ranger, occasional)
Felix Omni Smashmonk (Monk, previous main)
Aliciata (Paladin, new main)
Overman (Barbarian)
Kamyu (Bard)
Misterspock (Ranger)
McMako (Fighter)
Switzy (Wizard)
Gimmethegepgun Wystor (Rogue)
Zeki (Fighter)
Entropy Cia (Ranger)
Sharasa (Paladin)
Illial (Fighter)
Gigathrash Uurath (Barbarian, Main)
Gigathrash (Cleric)
Shadowcrest Rheed (Cleric)
Dirael (Wizard)
Brian (Non GWiki) Tsukimiya (Rogue)
Dandere (Wizard)
Bunbunmaru (Monk)
Swordarm (Cleric)
Ian (Non GWiki) Haman (Cleric)
Talieshin (Bard)
Cress Arvein Cress (Fighter)
Huw (lol) Chaiyne (Rogue)
Fayore (Sorceror)