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Gamer Profile[edit | edit source]

I spend alot of my time in Guild Wars making money in a legitamite manner, whether that be going through the storyline and getting Masters rewards for missions, then selling the drops obtained throughout them, or finding high-end weaponry and selling them at estimated prices. But I spend the majority of my time on Guild Wars looking for good builds, and weapons to use them with. I like style in a character, and my armor choices can be unconventional. And I personally think Jeremy Soule's music kicks ass.

I used to run the Crystal Desert for cash, and I've made alot of bad purchasing decisions, as well as many more good ones. I don't need 15k armor, I just need what works and what looks good- out of the 18 characters I have, only 5 of them have expensive armor. I also look for Green items, though I never farm for them.

I don't give a crap about titles. To me, titles only say "I spent an undisclosed portion of my life trying to attain a title several other people may have, and has no bearing on how good a player I am." If I care about ANY titles at all, they only consist of Lightbringer and Sunspear ranks (only because I need either to progress with Nightfall characters), any EotN title tracks (for attaining access to armors and skill enhancements) Wisdom, Lucky and Treasure Hunter (for in-game Lockpick/Salvage increases). If I want to prove how good a player I am, I can prove it on the battlefield and in missions, where I will point out what is necessary for mission completion.

I'm also of the opinion that anybody who says that a skill is the best or the worst on the basis of popularity or simply because they don't know how to use it effectively is a moron. Anet patches these things for balance, and the only way you're going to be skilled at the game is to find a use for it, and understand its weaknesses.

I also play other games, and as a result of the character creation system in Soul Calibur 4, I have managed to create Shiro Tagachi! Here's what you need:

Nightmare Pauldron Color (9: 9, 18)

Usurper's Suit- Colors - Color 1 (6: 02, 18) Color 2 (9: 09, 14)

Dueler's Jacket- Colors - Color 1 (7: 02, 18) Color 2 (9: 09, 17) Color 3 (2: 08, 16) Color 4 (9: 09, 17)

Demonic Gloves Color 1 (7: 02, 18) Color 2 (7: 02, 18)

Asura Tassels Color 1 (7: 02, 18) Color 2 (9: 09, 17)

Shinobi Tabi- (color doesn't matter)

Shinobi Greaves Color 1 (7: 02, 18) Color 2 (7: 01, 32) Color 3 (9: 09, 17)

Weapons I'm using are the Kris Naga.

His complexion:

Skin color: (3: 11, 23) Hair: Unkempt, (1: 05 29) Any shade of black will do. Eyes: Any shade of brown.


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