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guild: final fantisy unleashed [fury] characters:

1. agent of shadowsun: asassin current build: solo green farmer titles: adept tresure hunter(2) canthan trailblazer(87.9%) Seeker of Wisdom(100)

2. khain incarnate: mesmer current build: e-surge mesmer titles: Sunspear General

3. devotee of gaia: warrior current build: enduring visage UW solo titles: sunspear captain(5)

4. I Rule The Sky: ranger currnet builds: duo UW speed trap B/P tomb ruins

5. comander shadowsun: elementist titles: survivor(1)

6. agent of the mists: dervish lv 17

7. limdul the darkmage: necromancer lv 10 currently at frost gate

8.pvp agent of the tau: varies depending on what i want to pvp with title: mighty hero(3)

This build uses high damage PBAoE spells combined with the immunity given by Shadow Form in order to accomplish the smites run/farm in UW.

[edit] Attributes and Skills Assassin / Elementalist Attribute Rank Fire Magic 12 Shadow Arts 12 + 1 + 3

Fire Attunement

Flame Djinn's Haste

Shadow Form

Glyph of Elemental Power

Meteor Shower

Bed of Coals

Lava Font

Feigned Neutrality

A/E uw farmer [edit] Necessities Radiant or Shrouded Armor. 20% enchanting, +5 energy weapon, such as a Totem Axe. Wand or Staff, max damage rec. fire to deal with Dying Nightmares. +12 energy rec. fire focus. [edit] Usage Walk up and take the quest from the Lost Soul. Watch out for any Dying Nightmare popping up.

Then cast in this order:

Fire Attunement wait to get max energy back...

Flame Djinn's Haste Shadow Form Then quickly grab one or two groups of graspings and run back. Then cast skills in this order:

Glyph of Elemental Power Meteor Shower Bed of Coals Lava Font Flame Djinn's Haste Feigned Neutrality There should be no survivors amongst the graspings. If they are any graspings remaining, they are at this time fleeing from your AoE damage, so Feigned Neutrality should give you sufficient defense and life back to stay alive in order to recast one or two offensive spells to finish them or wanding them. You have a 24s invulnerability with Shadow Form on for the pull and the killing, so you can take your time to insure your AoE spike.

Another option for the bravest, is to cast Fire Attunement + Shadow Form and to go straight ahead into the big group of graspings, Bladed Aatxes and an eventual Dying Nightmare, and then unleash hell on them, finishing the graspings off with Flame Djinn's Haste and running away with the speed boost after the spike (because the Bladed Aatxes are not really friendy!).

Once all the graspings have been eliminated, do the typical run to the smites using Flame Djinn's Haste. You can make a stop just before passing the arch if you have misjudged the path of Bladed Aatxes or graspings and Dying Nightmare patrol. If a Dying Nightmare pops up while you run and follow you, just pull him in a safe place and while going close kill him with a Flame Djinn's Haste burst. Anytime during the run you can use Shadow Form if you find yourself in danger (remind that you should be far from danger at the end of Shadow Form), with a 24s duration time (with a +20% enchanting) you should have plenty of time to reach the smites area.

In order to pull large groups of smites or while waiting before they are all balled up around you, you can start by using Feigned Neutrality to assure some good defense and survival. Then cast the skills:

Shadow Form Glyph of Elemental Power Meteor Shower Bed of Coals Lava Font Flame Djinn's Haste Feigned Neutrality (that should be reloaded even if used in the beginning of the pull) If any smites survives, do the same tactics as stated above for graspings or if anything goes really bad, you still can run away with Flame Djinn's Haste. Keep Fire Attunement up while casting fire spells as it's your only energy management.

For the Coldfire Nights, your best solution is to avoid them, but if you get caught, this build is safer than any other one, cast Shadow Form and stay far as they use Frozen Burst, the only spell that can hit you through Shadow Form and slow you down. Then hit your running enchantment and go out of their reach.

[edit] Counters Bad timing is the only real counter here. Energy Degen Knockdown/Interrupts by grasping [edit] Notes This build is an adapted version of the A/E Gloom Farmer and E/Mo Savannah Heat Farmer builds.

Retrieved from "Build:A/E_UW_Farmer" [edit] Assassin [edit] Gloom Farmer [edit] Attributes, Skills and Equipment Assassin / Elementalist Attribute Rank Fire Magic 12 Shadow Arts 12 + 1 + 3

Shadow Form

Shadow Walk

Glyph of Lesser Energy


Meteor Shower

Bed of Coals

Lava Font

Dark Escape

Radiant or Shrouded Armor. 20% enchanting, +5 energy weapon, such as a Totem Axe. +12 energy rec. fire, +15 energy -1 regeneration, +30 health second hand item, such as those exchanged for Jade Bracelets. Lightbringer level 2 or above has been proven to work, Higher is better. [edit] Usage and Notes Enter Ravenheart Gloom from the Gate of Anguish. Receive the bounty from the Whispers Informant. Run past the first group of foes with Shadow Form and Dark Escape. Now, near your position is a mob made entirely of spellcasters, lacking a Heart tormentor. Wait for combat between the Shadow Army and the Order of Whispers ends. Get closer to the mixed group. Cast Shadow Form and get into the middle of the enemy group with Shadow Walk. Now, cast Pheonix, Meteor Shower, Bed of Coals, Lava Font, Phoenix and finally Lava Font in that order. Once Shadow Form is about to expire (blinking slowly / quickly) use Dark Escape and run to safety. Once the mixed group has been cleared, repeat the above tactics for the group of six Curse of Darknesses. After that, you may want to attempt an attack on the group containing two Wind of Darknesses and one Scourge of Darkness. If a torment gemstone drops at any time, making a clean escape and retrieving it is always an option.

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