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Yes this was me who edited this, dont remember my password, im not deleting anythign of any importance anyway so blow me. Anyway, as im sure absolutly none of you have seen, i have quit guildwars, ive beaten almost every aspect of it and it bored me. Ill play now and then for a little bit but thats it. After guild wars i did a lot of nothing then moved on to a new addiction, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP. i actually just started a forum for that found at . ive also done my time as a graphic artist even though im not that good, my deviantart is and my art blog is

please dont bitch i didnt log in or revert this, hopefully because i havent edited this in almost a year is enough, who in there right mind would edit an abandoned userpage and actually post links to the users actual things.

I hope the guild wars community still stays strong.